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How to look for records of It is logical to assume there will be similar records relating to gender identity; although we have not found any at the time of writing this guide. I fell in love with London for so many reasons. We could meet there to begin our tour of London. Gay Florence Guide December 24, Read our guide on crime and punishment to learn about what records survive and how to search them. It is such a crazy City, and there is so much to do.

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Almost every provincial town has a paragraph on the local cruising bushes, car-parks, saunas or motorway junctions with helpful hints such as this one for Beaconsfield:

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Gay London Guide

This place is highly recommended to discover authentic and innovative cuisine from Brittany. Descriptive terms relating to sexuality and gender identity have changed over time. You can even book a table in a candlelight alcove. You can spend a really nice afternoon there. Why use this guide? Search Discovery using the names of the organisations or other keywords to identify relevant documents.

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London is so huge, and with such a long history, that even staying a week would not be enough to know the City. Section 28 was also known as Clause You may also be able to find these books in a local library. Records from particular government departments have references that begin with a specific letter code. Try using these terms when you search for records as well. Information for lesbians is cursory throughout. Email For more detailed research enquiries.

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