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Thanks for providing yet another shining example of how bitter and toxic the gay community can be. Below is a both frustrating and funny list, crowdsourced via social media, of truths known by plenty of gay men. Check this out — if you think YOU had problems as a teenager! How many do you know? When and where did we meet? Every time someone says that to me, they remind me of my father reminiscing on what could have been. Go sledding Again another one for the winter.

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Here you can find out what sort of things your family will be thinking about!

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I still remember all the taunts and put-downs kids used on each other; it was horrible. If you really want to know, try Google. I was in eighth grade when a much older man tried to abduct me up as I waited for my parents outside of the county library. Rather, the connection might be that, for a variety of historical reasons, we gays have been saddled with a culture of quick pickups and public sex — to a far greater degree than heteros ever experience.

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Jeffery Hibbard i had a gay old time in high school, it was opened mine,in the 70s.

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