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Reviewing Gay Films A reviewer is supposed to be impartial. Around episodeMary Hartman's husband, Tom, was staying with them after a fight with his wife and discovered that they weren't brothers. Mel Brook's direction keeps things moving with laughs, he directed this sometimes hilarious, but mostly crude and bad taste spoof of history with ridiculous episodes, as how to test eunuchs or the lasciviousness of Luis XVI's court. It seems to be his most popular movie with today's generation. For protection, some gay actors resort to camouflage.

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You get the impression that the cast, including Brooks, have finally got the balance needed to make the oddball script work.

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PART 1 still is my favorite. One of my favorite scenes is Mel Brooks as the King of France, playing chess with real people. That argument, however, circles back to the essential question: I have also been revisiting older films that I was never able to review in print for one reason or another. A Space Odyssey"the rest quickly plummets in one un-funny after un-funny succession.

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Marred only by overlength, this is one hilarious bit of cinema as Mel Brooks satirizes the stone age, the 10 Commandments, Rome, the Last Supper, the Inquisition, and Louie the 16th sorry I couldn't get the name right. The humor lies in the absurdity of the concept. He would love for you to know who he is. This is not to say the Inquisition Musical number is not worth a look. There was a lot of experimentation and then things got a little less edgy later in the decade, and more mainstream, but it was thrilling because there were so many queer films out there now. In addition to running an employment discrimination hotline and holding weekly meetings, the member group annually gives awards to programs that it deems have fairly depicted gays.