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The results discovered was that as the dosage was increased the likelihood of homosexual behavior also increased. Like male-female pairs, these female-female pairs can only rear one chick in a season. Some researchers believe this behavior to have its origin in male social organization and social dominance, similar to the dominance traits shown in prison sexuality. Retrieved October 6, But ultimately, all concerned will go on to have offspring with the opposite sex.

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Janet Mann, Georgetown University professor of biology and psychology, argues that the strong personal behavior among male dolphin calves is about bond formation and benefits the species in an evolutionary context.

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10 animal species that show how being gay is natural

How does animal behaviour develop? Homosexual behavior in animals. This is something determined by nature. Some species of sexually reproducing geckos have been found to display homosexual behavior, e. But bonobo sex also plays a deeper role:

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New York, New York: Penguins have been observed to engage in homosexual behaviour since at least as early as That is in line with a much-discussed study by the neuroscientist Simon LeVay. But it's also clear that fruit flies and flour beetles are a long way from strictly homosexual. In most instances, it is presumed that the homosexual behavior is but part of the animal's overall sexual behavioral repertoire, making the animal "bisexual" rather than "homosexual" as the terms are commonly understood in humans. Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection implies that genes have to get themselves passed on to the next generation, or they will die out.

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