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Others ask a more obvious question: This is frustratingly true for many gay bars that cater to non-kinky clientele. This is not a dig at your ability to navigate a leather bar as a newcomer. For all others, enjoy the slideshow. Being a bartender at a leather bar is different. All bars are located in city center, on walking distance. Avoid sweeping summations of the scene from a few experiences.

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We were gathered around a man lying belly-down on a table with needles inserted through pinched layers of skin down his back.

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London Gay Bars

Welcome to the family. That said, you may venture out to the oddball leather bar with no coat check — nowhere to stash your things. He held me, we swayed with the music as he rubbed my chest. Some are more intense, catered to people actively in the scene who know fetish wear, and require you to meet dress code to get in the door. In many leather bars, you can get by in jeans and a t-shirt.

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Were gay men ever vanilla? Then again, you may — but wait until you get a vibe of what is allowed or better yet, ask before doing something that might get frowned upon by staffers and management concerned with keeping their lease a reasonable fear all leather bars face with the ever-growing threat of gentrification wiping them out. This is frustratingly true for many gay bars that cater to non-kinky clientele. It comes with a certain degree of responsibility. The existence of the Mineshaft was widely known among gays who never visited; it has been called a "mythic[al] Upstairs, things were different — a quiet dive bar, people milling around wooden tables. Every body type was on display.

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