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Studies of injectable PrEP using the integrase inhibitor cabotegravir are now using an 8-weekly dosing schedule. Arch Gen Psychiatr. Finally, we did not utilize a true random sample, which is generally not feasible to recruit nightlife attendees. Volume I, Secondary school students. We surveyed young adults age 18—25 entering nightclubs and festivals holding electronic dance music EDM parties in New York City in Even though we found that those surveyed outside of festivals were at lower risk for ecstasy use, research is needed to determine whether festival attendees are at higher risk for adverse outcomes as, for example, attendees of large dance festivals in the US are often exposed to extreme environmental conditions which include large crowds e.

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Latent class analysis LCA and multinomial logistic regression procedures were used to identify subtypes of ecstasy users.

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Research Triangle Park, NC: Suggest Categories. Tanner-Smith EE.

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