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Frazier also has a winning way with sportswriters, who flock around his locker after games to be fed one-liners, insights and, when appropriate, quotations from Bartlett's. New Password Must be at least 6 characters and contain a number and an uppercase and lowercase letter. Nan's Random House office, where she pursued her privacy and her study, took on something of the air of a cloister. Getting head from an N. Add more favorite teams from the list below based on your geolocation. Turning to one of the bookstore's employees, he chided, only partly in jest, "You shouldn't have underestimated my popularity. But it can be a learned thing, requiring great discipline.

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That keeps him guessing where I am.

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He has made Frazier's briskselling instructional, Rockin' Steady, a text in an introductory Afro-American studies course. The occasion was supposed to be a surefire promotion, a chance to meet the author of Rockin' Steady, but John Girolamo, manager of Aldines' bookstore in suburban White Plains, was miserable. Growing up in Atlanta, Frazier took a while to get his act together. The party was still going strong when Frazier abruptly got up and announced grandly, "I'm going to have a bowl of granola and go to sleep. With defenses keying on them, he and Monroe are often forced to heave up low-percentage shots just as the second clock runs out. Recently he decided to put the store up for sale, explaining, "It's too much of a hassle. In a ballyhooed big-money match in Las Vegas that actually lived up to its billing, young Jimmy Connors blackjacked Rod Laver.

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Except for his flashing eyes, imprisoned in a stolid mask, Frazier's only lapse into demonstrativeness is the clenched fist he occasionally raises after a big play. Frazier says with obvious sincerity, "My success has been like a dream. Frazier's felt-tip pen went to work. Nan's Random House office, where she pursued her privacy and her study, took on something of the air of a cloister. Phil Jackson says, "Everybody steals little rests, and the best time to do it is on offense.

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