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The men involved in this subculture do not easily identify themselves as sex workers nor as homosexual, and are therefore missed by regular health care and public health interventions. Some even joke and laugh, while others do not talk at all and never make eye contact with potential clients smoking shisha in the lobby. All data were registered in an electronic patient registry and analysed with coded records. We will forward your request to your library as soon as possible. They also created cultural institutions and rituals that sustained and enhanced their communal ties and group identity, much as the ethnic theater and dances of their natal communities did.

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The fact that men were identified as fairies on the basis of such minimal deviations from the conventions of masculine demeanor and dress indicates the narrow range of deviation from normative gender styles allowed most men, and suggests the extraordinary sensitivity of men to subtle markers of gender status, thus highlighting the pervasive character of gender surveillance in working class street culture. South Limburg is an urbanized area located in the south of the Netherlands, bordering to Germany and Belgium. Taking on the role of the fairy, that is, allowed men to reject the kind of masculinity ascribed to them by the dominant culture, but to do so without rejecting the basic tenets of their culture concerning the gender order.

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An investigator who visited the place several times in while in search of female prostitutes noted that he had "heard of it constantly" and that it made no attempt to disguise its "well-known" character as a "resort for male prostitutes.

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