Pets help autistic children to develop self-confidence
what Pets can be not just the object of our care, but also the nurses, devoted friends and even family therapists? For example, according to a recent study, Pets can…

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Pets help autistic children to develop self-confidence
what Pets can be not just the object of our care, but also the nurses, devoted friends and even family therapists? For example, according to a recent study, Pets can…

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Who to start in addition to cat dog?
You like exotic Pets? But if you have an Allergy to wool, and very desirable pet – what to do? There is a solution to this problem is to get…

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My cat. The care of Pets.

One of the most common methods of pet care – naturally, wash. It is logical, because dogs and cats live nearby.Immediately note that shampoos for humans cannot be used for animals because the acid-alkaline balance in humans and animals is significantly different. So our shampoo will not only be able to thoroughly wash the wool well and will lead to dryness and irritation of the dogs skin and brittle hair and the appearance of Your pet dander.

Therefore, all cosmetic products for cats and other Pets specifically develop, considering all the features of their body. In modern times there is a tremendous wealth of resources to animals. means on care of wool of different patterns, color, length.

Nutritious and curative shampoos, liquid and dry shampoos that give volume, and as well as air conditioners and balms for ease of combing and to accelerate the drying means, moisturizing and nourishing the coat and other special substances that help to restore the acid-deliciousbreakfast the skin of the animal. Among liquid funds are those that do not need to rinse with water, and after they have put on wool – they beat with the hands or a special brush to work up lather and removed with a towel or cloth.

This kind of shampoo comfortable in cases where it is prohibited to bathe your pet in the bathroom. Dry same tools, in the form of powder, no need to rinse. Simply fine combing wool after their introduction. In the end, just to clear the fur of a pet can be due to a special cleaning pad. Continue reading

Top 5 most undemanding animals for workaholics

The desire to have a pet to different people comes in different ways. Someone spontaneously decides that it’s time to find yourself a friend whom one would care to spend the evening or just to buy for children. Someone the desire is brewing my whole life, growing out of the prohibitions of the parents to buy the pet and the final grown at a more Mature age.

Not to mention short-sighted and cruel people who throw animals after them enough, most people refuse to have animals because of their rhythm of life. Going to work early in the morning and returning late in the evening hard to think about the content of pet, and who needs constant care and constant attention.

However, when really someone you want to have close by, someone who will tolerate your lack of frequent and rare moments of attention, and the necessary cleaning and feeding, you can still find a way out. I sawed defenders of animals, specify in advance that describe the minimum care of animals and the “Spartan” conditions of their residence.

Fans to give the whole room accommodation under the cat, buy overalls for iguanas and refitted bathroom under dwarf crocodiles is unlikely to read further.

5. Rabbit

This fun furry friend, which will delight your girlfriend or wife, it will be possible to buy and without sabikhat to contain in the kitchen or in the hallway, bought him a cage with drinker and feeder. The cost of feeding will be quite low, to get in the cage will need time in seven days that will fit under your hard working week, but don’t forget to pour in the evening feed, remove uneaten and change the water in the drinking bowl. Continue reading

What flowers are harmful to Pets?

Dear readers, after some thought, I decided to write this article, because flowers need not only to admire, but also know that they, or rather some of their species can harm the health of Pets (dogs and cats). I think many of my readers have these animals and You also like flowers madly in love.

According to approximate data on the globe grows more than seven hundred species of plants that are mildly unsafe (toxic)to cats and dogs. If You grow any flowers in the house or brought it as a gift, most secure access to your Pets.

You are interested in my information and You don’t want Your furry Pets suffered about such plants? Then here’s what You need to know.

The most common dangerous plants for Pets

It turns out that some plants are much more toxic than others. Here are some of the flowers that You need to pay attention in the first place:

The crocuses that bloom in the spring, can cause upset stomach, they contain colchicine, a substance that can cause serious digestive problems, breathing problems and kidney failure in domestic animals .

Azalea . Even a small Kolichestvennyi that floral plants can make Your cat or dog to get terrible diarrhea, symptoms which would be excessive lunaposada. If animals will not be able to quickly cure, to eliminate toxicity, the pet can fall into a coma. Continue reading

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