Stones – Pets
Someone named Gary Dahl (Gary Dahl) in 1975, started selling substitutes allowed. Moreover, these substitutes were not even external imitation of animals. They were just ordinary stones. Stones-Pets were sold…

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Saltwater rotifer
Rotifers (Rotatoria) — the smallest of multicellular animals, together with the ciliates are part of the so-called "living dust". Their sizes vary from 0.04 to 2 mm. Its name rotifers…

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Dove diamond
And from all this group the diamond dove occurs most frequently. Head, neck and underparts of its body is ashy-grey; back, wings and tail brownish; wings small white spots; a…

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Pets as therapy and a means of developing immunity in children

The relationship between man and animal has very ancient roots. Their relationship is described in the literature, reflected in art and folklore. It is human nature to attribute to an animal is purely a human quality. But it often happens that a pet really becomes a truly loyal assistant and even a friend for someone close to him.

We all know about the beneficial effects of Pets on humans and particularly on children . but only recently have systematic activities involving animals are widely used as one of methods of children’s and General family therapy .

The most well-known successes such psychotherapeutic treatment of children with developmental delays and behavioural problems , autism, hyperactivity , increased aggressiveness . and also kids. suffering from various neuroses .

In Israel very popular this kind of psychotherapy for children and adults, as riding on horseback. A good example can serve the farm “Havat Zach” in Kfar Verbage. One of the owners, Oded Tamm, said: “the Relationship between horse and human cannot be measured and assessed in monetary terms. The horse is a friend, smart and loyal. She believes the man and jump him into the fire or off a cliff. Will run until they drop “.

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The content of dogs of small and dwarf breeds

Toy breeds duplicate almost all known breeds of dogs of medium and large sizes. If you decide to have a small dog and proceeded to the choice of breeds should be guided not only the appearance of your future pet, but the breed and temperament. Terriers are usually more active and temperamental than a Pekingese and pugs, so the elderly is best to choose dogs more calm and balanced rocks.
Content little dog does not mean that it would be less costly. Toy breeds need to be fed high quality and expensive foods, which protect your pet from obesity, but provides the supply of all necessary nutrients. Quality vaccinations for puppies also are not cheap.
What breed to choose
When the breed should be guided also by the time you are willing to dedicate to caring for a pet. For example, dogs with long hair will require more time and money. To make your pet look stylish and well maintained, you may need regular trimming. Some veterinary clinics offer this service as hygienic haircut, but professional haircuts model dogs performed only in special salons for animals and are expensive.

Short-haired and hairless breeds need to buy special clothes for cool walks on the street.

Smaller sizes have such breeds as:

French bulldog,

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Animal care
Our Pets require care and attention. They need to walk, to carry to the vet, the groomer, to take care of them during the absence of owners, etc. What should…


Approved the rules of pet care in Tbilisi
City Tbilisi Sakrebulo by majority vote approved a rule pet care and control populations. After activating the registration of dogs and cats is mandatory. The owner of the animal shall…