Saltwater rotifer
Rotifers (Rotatoria) — the smallest of multicellular animals, together with the ciliates are part of the so-called "living dust". Their sizes vary from 0.04 to 2 mm. Its name rotifers…

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Dove diamond
And from all this group the diamond dove occurs most frequently. Head, neck and underparts of its body is ashy-grey; back, wings and tail brownish; wings small white spots; a…

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Feeding puppies of the Caucasian shepherd
Feeding puppies of the Caucasian Sheepdog In this article we consider the basic principles of the organization of feeding Caucasian shepherd puppies . The main development and growth of the…

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My cat. The care of Pets.

One of the most common methods of pet care – naturally, wash. It is logical, because dogs and cats live nearby.Immediately note that shampoos for humans cannot be used for animals because the acid-alkaline balance in humans and animals is significantly different. So our shampoo will not only be able to thoroughly wash the wool well and will lead to dryness and irritation of the dogs skin and brittle hair and the appearance of Your pet dander.

Therefore, all cosmetic products for cats and other Pets specifically develop, considering all the features of their body. In modern times there is a tremendous wealth of resources to animals. means on care of wool of different patterns, color, length.

Nutritious and curative shampoos, liquid and dry shampoos that give volume, and as well as air conditioners and balms for ease of combing and to accelerate the drying means, moisturizing and nourishing the coat and other special substances that help to restore the acid-deliciousbreakfast the skin of the animal. Among liquid funds are those that do not need to rinse with water, and after they have put on wool – they beat with the hands or a special brush to work up lather and removed with a towel or cloth.

This kind of shampoo comfortable in cases where it is prohibited to bathe your pet in the bathroom. Dry same tools, in the form of powder, no need to rinse. Simply fine combing wool after their introduction. In the end, just to clear the fur of a pet can be due to a special cleaning pad. Continue reading

How Pets see the world


Speaking of great vision, people mean the ability to see a clear colorful image near, far and peripheral vision. Many of the familiar options are for cats insignificant. The vertical pupil in the eye of a predator to protect it from direct sun rays, so in bright light narrowed to thin slits.

Near the Photoreceptors of the eye cat has special education – tapetum that “intercepted” and sent the light back to the retina, which allows your cat to see at dusk as during the day and night – as one sees at dusk. Thanks to tamamo and glowing cat eyes in the dark.

All cats perceive the world in shades of grey, green and blue. Surprisingly, cats do not differ with visual acuity in the usual sense, the small details they see vague, while hunting mostly focus on the sounds and movements. In addition, vision night hunter covers 270 degrees, and each eye distinguishes up to 45% of the picture, so the cat is able to calculate the distance of a long jump with an accuracy of up to 3-4 cm.


For a long time it was believed that dogs see the world in black and white. Actually, they distinguish colors, but slightly different. In the human retina contains 3 types of cones responsible for color perception: the first is sensitive to longwave radiation (red and orange), the second – to medium-wave (yellow and green), third– to short-wavelength (blue and violet). Continue reading

Pets as therapy and a means of developing immunity in children
The relationship between man and animal has very ancient roots. Their relationship is described in the literature, reflected in art and folklore. It is human nature to attribute to an…


9 tips for photographing Pets
Pets are very easy to find a place in our homes and in our hearts, and we want to Photograph them and to enjoy looking at their Photos in frames.…