Carriage of Pets (birds) and plant products
Pets (birds) and service dogs may be transported as baggage and in the cabin of an aircraft with the consent of the carrier. For the carriage of Pets (birds) and…

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The biggest domestic cats
The domestic cat and so good that she's home . But it is human nature the most-most, so it is natural that the large cats attract the attention and arouse…

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Animals and mammals trapped in the Guinness book of world records
An unusual phenomenon of nature settled in a cozy corner of the Ecopark Kharkiv.A miracle of nature, or "monster," as visitors - has six legs, two heads, and it's all…

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Pregnancy and Pets

You adore Pets, but recently learned that she is pregnant? Maybe you only plan to become pregnant, but you already have a pet? In any case, there are safety rules and nuances that should pay attention to create a safe environment for themselves and their unborn baby.

Basically the dog can’t do harm and create the risk of disrupting your health Zdorovya crumbs until you are carrying.If you are the owner of a large dog, then don’t allow her to jump lamina the abdomen, when sitting in the chair illegit.

The dog will need to be paid attention to when rabinakova to light, because that’s what kids are attracted to dogs, and then ostanovyatsya victims of their bites.

To create salebetapace environment for your baby, you and your dog, follow polotnyanuyu:

Think about what your dog loves bolshevika, think about the habits that can harm the baby and conditionedevery problems. To avoid this, try to get rid of typefaces even before birth.

Start to prepare the dog for the fact that the difference between her toys and the toys of the child do not allow it to touch igrushkam unborn baby.

Don’t forget that the dog is preannounce, so once you have a family will be complete and Verbenko start to pay more attention, it can start proleteriat. Remember that with paulinarubio the dog is still here, try to play with her, pay annemanie. Teach your pet to play rebenkom. Continue reading

Children and Pets

With the advent in the house baby all the attention with allowed switches to this warm, milk-smelling little bundle. The hostess who spent with your beloved cat a lot of free time, completely ceased to pay attention to it. In addition to misunderstanding and resentment of the animal occurs curiosity: what is this creature that yells, doesn’t give my favorite mistress to sleep at night, forcing her to jump out of bed at an inopportune time? Caring mother trying to keep Pets to a newborn, but when the baby grows up, and have the ability to move it out of the crib in a rocking chair or swing-lounger, as for example, one of these then the cat gets a chance to meet the baby closer. How does behave our Pets, for the first time being so close to the new family member?

Cat or nanny?

Both cats and dogs are very accurately apply to young children, nevertheless to accustom Pets to appear in the house a new tenant in advance and to closely monitor that the animal did not cause your baby harm. It is advisable not to let the cat jump in the crib to the child, but if the chance was very great, it is possible to monitor what is happening in nursery, you will help the baby link. Technology does not stand still, and to replace radio nanny popular a few years ago, came improved devices to monitor Senatus baby. At the same time you can see the unique moments of a pet with a baby. After careful obsyhanija, making sure that the new member of the family poses no threat, the cat may jump in the crib and sweetly to sleep near the child, warming him with his fluffy fur. Knowing the habit of cats not only to sniff at unfamiliar objects, but also to try them by touch, make sure that your pet’s claws trimmed. Continue reading

Animal care
Our Pets require care and attention. They need to walk, to carry to the vet, the groomer, to take care of them during the absence of owners, etc. What should…


The costs of democracy - Hunting dogs
A topic for discussion that you want to offer, about breeding, is not new, but very rarely covered. In the 90-ies of the last century, we at once took the…