Pregnancy and Pets
You adore Pets, but recently learned that she is pregnant? Maybe you only plan to become pregnant, but you already have a pet? In any case, there are safety rules…

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Meet - the Spitz!
The first thing that draws the imagination at the mention of the Spitz breeds, this image of the eternally smiling fluffy dog with beautiful black eyes like beads and a…

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List of dog breeds
The Akita inu is a large and noble breed of dog that was originally used for guarding royalty and nobility of feudal Japan. Also dogs were used for hunting boar,…

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Carriage of Pets (birds) and plant products

Pets (birds) and service dogs may be transported as baggage and in the cabin of an aircraft with the consent of the carrier.

For the carriage of Pets (birds) and service dogs the passenger is obliged to provide necessary documents stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation, international treaties and legislation of the country, on territory, from territory or through which territory transportation is carried out.

Pets (birds) and service dogs, except when dogs are carried in the aircraft cabin in air transportation must be placed in a sturdy container (cage), allowing convenience in transportation, with access of air and reliable lock (lock). The bottom of the container (cage) must be dense, waterproof and covered with absorbent material. The container (cage) must exclude spillage of the absorbent material. Bird cage should be covered with thick lightproof fabric.

Weight room animal (birds) and service dogs, the weight of the container (cage) and food intended for animal feeding (birds) and service dogs, is not included in the free baggage allowance and is paid by the passenger in accordance with the tariff established by the carrier.

The carriage of service dogs in the aircraft cabin with the consent Perevozchikova to be made upon presentation to the carrier of the document confirming that the passenger accompanying the service dog, is a member of the dog service of the Federal body of Executive authority, and the document confirming the special training of service dogs.

Service dog transported in the passenger cabin must have a collar and muzzle and be tied to a chair at the feet of the passenger, which it accompanies.

Guide dogs, with the following passengers with the limited vision are carried free of charge in excess of the free baggage allowance.

The guide dog must have a collar and muzzle and be tied to a chair at the feet of the passenger it accompanies.

Transportation of regulated products

Transportation of regulated products (plants, plant products, containers, packaging, soil or other organisms, object or material which can become carriers of harmful organisms or contribute to the spread of harmful organisms) is carried out in accordance with international treaties of the Russian Federation on plant quarantine, the legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of providing quarantine of plants and the law of plant quarantine of the country, on territory, from territory or through which territory transportation is carried out.

My cat. The care of Pets.
One of the most common methods of pet care - naturally, wash. It is logical, because dogs and cats live nearby.Immediately note that shampoos for humans cannot be used for…


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