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Guinea pig: care and maintenance

If you want to have a small pet, a Guinea pig great. What are the specific features of the animal and care for it?

Guinea pig – pet undemanding. There are many varieties that differ in size, color and density of wool. Whatever the breed of pig you choose, there are General rules of maintenance and care of the animal.

The average period of life of the animal is 6-8 years, but some Pets live to 15 years. Animals, despite their large teeth, absolutely non-aggressive, do not bite. If you have one pet – it is more tied to the owners. You can get several animals in one cage.

Conditions Guinea pigs

Pick a spacious size cage for pigs with slide out tray make it easy to change the litter.

As bedding it is better to use large sawdust (fine get into the respiratory tract of the animal and can cause choking). Perfect litter is a corn filler. To change the litter needs to be done every few days. A cage of Guinea pigs it is important to place away from heaters, direct sunlight and drafts. In the cage have to be a drinker, which you can buy at the pet store. It is important to ensure animal totalcount teeth. The animal’s teeth grow throughout life, and if not to stitch them, the animal may become ill. As a sharpener you can use a wooden stick, that has to be changed as the pig will gnaw. The cell should be mineral-salt stone – a source of microelements and vitamins.

It is recommended to periodically release a Guinea pig to run around the house under the close supervision of the owner. In summer you can take out the rodent to the country. There you can create a fenced enclosure for the pigs in the shade, giving the animal the ability to walk, to eat fresh grass. After such outings occasionally need to handle a Guinea pig from worms and skin parasites.

Food and care for a Guinea pig

A Guinea pig can be bathed. You need to use a special shampoo for Guinea pigs, which is sold in the pet store. The water temperature should be approximately 37 degrees. It is better to bathe your Guinea pig in a basin, holding his hand. The water should not reach the chin of the animal. It is important that water and foam were not included in the animal’s mouth, nose, eyes and ears. It is not worth watering and soaping the head of the pig, but only to wipe the face with wet hand. After applying shampoo, rinse it a Guinea pig in clean water and wipe well with a towel.

To feed a Guinea pig is necessary so that 80% of the diet was hay and dry roughage, and 20% – rich food in the form of vegetables and fruits.

With proper maintenance and care of Guinea pigs will live happily ever after, and to please their masters.

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