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Kitchen animals of the world: restaurants for dogs
Your heart bleeds when you see a dog locked in the car while her owners are having dinner in a posh restaurant? You don't go on dates because your cute…

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Tips for transporting Pets by plane

Often dog owners are faced with a significant problem. Often to visit the exhibition you need to go to another city, and time for all of this is very small. Compared to rail and road transport aviation can transport you and your pet at the right place in the shortest possible time. Yes, and the cost of the tickets is quite affordable. You can come to participate in the exhibition and back in one day. The main thing is to choose the best option of transportation.

Transportation options

The first option is available when you have the appropriate Dating. It includes the services of military transport aviation. It should be noted that the interior of the cargo plane is not heated. Even considering the fact that you will be sent to a warmer climate, you should dress warmly.

The second option is already applied with the use of civil aviation. You should decide which airline you want to use. Their site offers detailed information on the transport of animals with an appropriate indication of value. It is also worth noting that airlines often run sales of tickets for certain flights. This can save up to 50% of the cost. Don’t forget to mention when buying your ticket that you will fly and pet.

Flight preparation

Poliubomu the company needs to take care of other important aspects. Transportation of a pet should be held in a special plastic box. Iron cages are not used because of large mass. Also it is necessary not earlier than 3 days before departure to visit the veterinary clinic and get help, which will be entered all required data, including records of vaccinations.

Some manufacturers recommend plastic boxes for the trip to shoot to the bottom of the box of diapers that will absorb moisture. However, it all depends on the habits and preferences of your pet. After all, it is better to have and not use than on arrival to find that the litter is eaten. Don’t forget to remove the leash and collar. To the airport it is better to arrive in advance. This will safely pass the registration procedure and control.

After all this, you need to go to the vet. He will give you a free boarding pass. As for the Luggage compartment, it is located just behind the passenger, so do not worry that your animal could freeze.

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