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10 most popular exotic Pets

Exotic animals take the place of cats and dogs in our homes, conquering our hearts. Today, many animal lovers want to have a home something exotic, like snakes, spiders or lizards, which are now easily purchased at any pet store. Others may seem strange, why to bring home these things, for example, the piranha? Unfortunately, most lovers of the exotic who like to boast, they have completely adapted to home conditions animals are forced to suffer a lifetime, however, often quite short life. Learn what exotic animals can often be found in homes and apartments of our contemporaries.

1) Spider tarantula

One of the most unusual Pets – the giant spider tarantula is quite a dangerous creature. Actually that’s not true. These spiders do not behave in a particularly aggressive, moreover, the venom of most tarantulas adult virtually harmless. Those spiders that are really dangerous, unlikely to sell in pet stores, they are found in the wilderness of the impenetrable tropical forests. Also if you want to have this spider on the fun, remember that male tarantulas live only 2 years, whereas females in captivity can reach old age 20 years.

2) Short Retusaari

This little marsupial creature lives in Australia and is also known by the name Sugar marsupial flying squirrel. In the wild, flying squirrels are able to jump from one tree to another, hovering in the air and thus breaking the distances up to 45 meters! These cute little creatures are quite friendly and love the company of a man. However, animals are night dwellers, what may seem to some an unpleasant fact, because in the daytime you will not be able to observe the animal, and at night it will interfere with you to sleep. For maximum comfort of the animal you should also equip their homes with branches simulating large trees.

3) Scorpio

You may wonder why some people want to get Pets which the person’s attention to anything, moreover, these beings can even cause harm to their masters. However, some people still keep Scorpions next to him. Perhaps they like their original appearance, or they just want to brag to your friends. Emperor Scorpion – the most popular form in nature, it is endangered due to overfishing.

4) piranha Fish

Piranhas are quite dangerous predatory fish that has a reputation to uphold, and the danger of fish is not an exaggeration. If you want to have a piranha as a pet fish, think twice. Or even three times. Compared with traditional aquarium fish, piranhas are quite large, so they require much more space. Secondly, they do not particularly like to swim alone, so you should purchase at least 3 piranhas. You put in your tank other fish species – not the best solution, but it is possible if well fed piranhas and give them enough space.

5) Kinkajou

Lovers of exotic animals adore this animal for its friendly disposition. The birthplace of the animal is Central and South America, and in captivity they can live up to 40 years! Most of the diet consists of fruits but they are also not averse to eat insects in captivity like honey. Even if kinkajou at first glance it seems harmless, far from it. In case of danger he can be quite aggressive and can hurt to nip a potential enemy. Bite kinkajou is dangerous due to bacteria that can invade the wound, and it is quite painful. Paris Hilton showed a great example of that exotic animals are not the best choice for a person who needs a pet. Living in her house, kinkajou named Baby-love has bitten her a couple of times, forcing you to be in the hospital.

6) the Bengal cat

A Bengal cat is a new hybrid cat breed – a mixture of domestic cat and leopard cat. This cat breed has retained the appearance of its wild relatives, but also took the good-natured character of the domestic cat. These Pets are not for the poor. Purebred pet in 1998 cost 42 thousand dollars.

7) Snake

It is not easy to care for snakes in the home. In addition to the dangers that can come from them, the snakes also require special conditions of detention. The snake should bring into the house only after you are thoroughly aware of its content, but also know what she needs. You should always remember that snakes need to feel predators, they need a spacious aviary, and they should regularly give game. You should also not forget that snakes will look for any opportunity to escape from the aviary or cage where they can crawl away – hard to say. Unfortunately, many things by no means stops.

8) Monkeys

The baby monkeys are very cute and pretty Pets, because like children and evoke our parental instincts. However, these cubs are once become adults, and can bring a lot of problems. Despite the fact that they can be smarter than any other domestic animal, they are also the most difficult to handle. Unlike many other animals, monkeys need constant attention and care, and the rest of their lives, and they do not care what other issues you may have, they don’t care how you can be employed.

9) the Hedgehog

Hedgehogs can be really cute animals, so many people want to have them as Pets. Their needles really are not as acute as it may seem, they do not need to display regularly on the streets like dogs, and they are not particularly picky eater.

10) the Axolotl

The axolotl Mexican Salamander – species of salamanders that remain in the larval stage. The birthplace of these exotic animals is the lake of Texcoco, located in the Mexican capital Mexico city. This beast is known for its ability to regenerate almost any part of his body, which is why it is often scientists studying. As a pet, the axolotl has become popular recently because of their unusual appearance and unique features. Axolotl is a Salamander not a regular, so his body is undergoing changes from larvae to adult and remains in the water all my life, though it has legs. If you would like to have such an unusual inhabitant of the aquarium, you should remember that the axolotl can grow to impressive sizes, this pet so require a large aquarium. The rest of the axolotl unpretentious, it is easy to keep in captivity.

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