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Meet – the Spitz!

The first thing that draws the imagination at the mention of the Spitz breeds, this image of the eternally smiling fluffy dog with beautiful black eyes like beads and a Fox face. As a rule, with spires of associerat only small dogs, with a narrow face, sonorous voice, however, varieties of Spitz quite a lot, among them there are large beautiful dogs, and very toy crumbs! The variety of colors and sizes is misleading, creates confusion. However, to break it down fairly simply!

What are the pinnacles?

According to the standards of the fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) all breeds of dogs are sorted into 10 groups. One of the groups of breeds, the fifth, is called the Spitz and primitive breeds. This group consists of 7 sections.

Each section includes specific breed. Considering Spitz, you should pay attention to the section of the European Spitz breeds, including breed:

And section Asian Spitz belongs to the Spitz breed Japanese.

Also do not forget about the popular breed of dogs, a standard which is not yet recognized by the fédération Cynologique Internationale, but adopted by many other kennel structures, American Spitz.

The section of the European Spitz.

The German Spitz.

An ancient breed of dog bred in Central Europe. The country of origin of the breed is Germany. At thisthe moment, German Spitz, see animals as companions.

A distinctive feature of the breed – a rich fluffy coat, of course modeling a beautiful mane in the neck of the dog. Beauty conquers Spitz, however, you must remember that these dogs require regular grooming!

German Spitz have a very energetic temperament, a distrust of outsiders, loyalty to the owner. Despite its energy, is attentive, well-trained animals, easily trainable.

The official standard there are five main varieties of breed, differing in appearance, size, color.

According to the classification of the fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) there are the following varieties of the German Spitz:

Wolfspitz, Dutch Spitz, or Keeshond.

Adult males reach 42 to 47 cm at the withers, females – 40-45 see Valid colour: grey-shaded.

Grasses or the large German Spitz.

Grosseto the height at the withers varies from 40 to 42 see Valid colours are: black, brown and white.

Mittelshpits or medium German Spitz.

Mittelspiel the height at the withers ranges from 30-38 see Dogs of this type can variety of colors: black, chocolate, red, greyish, light and other colours. Allowed wool of various shades of the above colors.

Kleinspitz or small German Spitz.

Miniature dogs, the height at the withers which is only Valid 22-28 see the same color varieties as mittelshpitsa.

Zwergspitz, miniature German Spitz, the Pomeranian or the orange.

Some dog training organizations are providing oranges in a separate breed, but the standard of the fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI), the Pomeranian is a variation of German. Height at withers of adult individuals between 18 to 22 cm, the Weight of these tiny dogs only 2-3 kg. the Standard allows a large variety of colors of Pomeranians.

Volpino Italian.

Volpino Italian – breed, whose name speaks for itself. In Italian “volpino” means Fox. It’s the little funny dogs with excellent guard instinct, a love of children and an extremely comical appearance. Volpino Italian, like the other Spitz is perfect for the role of a pet.

According to the breed standard height at the withers of volpino is in the range of 25 – 30 cm Volpino have white, fawn, red, spotted thick fur that needs regular and careful grooming.

Asian Spitz.

The Japanese Spitz.

According to one version, Japanese version, like the American eskimo dog, owes its origin to Germany. After all Germany is the home of the German Spitz, which in turn occurred a Japanese and an American Spitz. According to another version, the Japanese Spitz are descendants of the Siberian Samoyed huskies. At the moment quite difficult to understand which of the proposed theories of origin of the breed is correct.

Japanese or Asian Spitz very often confused with their American counterparts. This is not surprising, because these rocks are very similar to each other. The Japanese Spitz, unlike the American eskimo dog, no varieties. According to the standard dogs of this breed should have a height at withers 30 – 38 cm, allowed only white coat color.

The Japanese Spitz is the perfect companion dog, perfect for apartment maintenance and training.

Breed not recognized by FCI.

American Spitz or American eskimo dog.

Small compact dog, ideally suited for the role of a pet companion at home. Its origin owes to the breed of German Spitz. Today, the breed standard American eskimo dog is not recognized by the fédération Cynologique Internationale, however, the kennel clubs of some countries are following the standard developed by the American kennel club (AKC).

According to the breed standard, there are three varieties of the American eskimo dog.

American standard Spitz.

Height at withers is 38 to 48 cm

American miniature Spitz.

To this species belong the dogs height at the shoulder which varies in the range of 30 – 38 cm

The American Spitz.

Tiny dogs, reaching only 23 to 30 cm at the withers.

All varieties of the American eskimo dogs are completely identical, differing only in height. The breed standard allows for white and light cream color coat.

Unfortunately, in Russia representatives of the breed American eskimo dogs are rare.

All Spitz is not only a dog with a unique appearance, but also wonderful companions, Pets, children’s friends. Representatives of all these breeds have good health, great life expectancy of about 13-15 years, caring for them is simple and easy.

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