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Central Asian shepherd dog (CAO)
Like any living organism for normal growth and development, the puppy should receive a balanced diet. The basic rules of feeding: · Feed the recommended puppy from aluminum or enameled…

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Diseases of domestic animals, dangerous for the hosts

Today, many have allowed. These charming creations are pleasing to both children and adults, give positive emotions and save from loneliness. But such an intimate relationship with animals is fraught with some danger. In this article will be discussed the diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans, and also about how to protect themselves and their Pets out of trouble of this kind.

The most frequent and dangerous diseases of domestic animals and their prevention

Infectious diseases . dangerous to both animals and humans, such as leptospirosis or rabies. The most effective and reliable method for the prevention and control of this disease is vaccination.

The helminths – parasitic worms (helminths). According to statistics helminths infected (and can infect man) every second pet regardless of its species. Multiplying in the animal or human body, these parasites are affecting all internal organs. For prevention it is necessary 2 times a year to take anthelmintic drugs. To banish worms pet need perevalnaya, as well as every 3 months (you are welcome to give chase worms in animals with the owners in one day).

Toxoplasmosis (in cats). Every fifth cat of Russia has this viral disease. The animal may get infected by eating uncooked infected meat (pork or veal), people can be infected through the mucus of cat urine or feces. The cat should regularly carry on the inspection to the veterinary clinic. This will reduce the risk of disease, as currently there are diagnostic and treatment methods Pets from this virus. For pregnant women the disease is particularly dangerous.

Versicolor . Healthy people with good immunity, is practically not affected by this disease. But when infected adult can recover for a week (when you call for qualified help). For young children the consequences more serious.

Fleas . These little blood-sucking threat that by bite can transfer to human helminths or other dangerous diseases. There are many tools available against these parasites. It should be noted that it is necessary to process not only the dogs but the apartment/house, as the larvae of fleas for several months can be stored in the apartment.

Take care of your animals, take care of yourself and your family. The prevention of many diseases is your responsibility and is entirely in your hands.

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