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The content of dogs of small and dwarf breeds

Toy breeds duplicate almost all known breeds of dogs of medium and large sizes. If you decide to have a small dog and proceeded to the choice of breeds should be guided not only the appearance of your future pet, but the breed and temperament. Terriers are usually more active and temperamental than a Pekingese and pugs, so the elderly is best to choose dogs more calm and balanced rocks.
Content little dog does not mean that it would be less costly. Toy breeds need to be fed high quality and expensive foods, which protect your pet from obesity, but provides the supply of all necessary nutrients. Quality vaccinations for puppies also are not cheap.
What breed to choose
When the breed should be guided also by the time you are willing to dedicate to caring for a pet. For example, dogs with long hair will require more time and money. To make your pet look stylish and well maintained, you may need regular trimming. Some veterinary clinics offer this service as hygienic haircut, but professional haircuts model dogs performed only in special salons for animals and are expensive.

Short-haired and hairless breeds need to buy special clothes for cool walks on the street.

Smaller sizes have such breeds as:

French bulldog,

the Italian Greyhound,



the Bedlington Terrier.

Miniature sizes are:




Yorkshire Terrier.

How to buy a puppy and not be disappointed

When you have decided on a breed, do not rush to purchase a pet immediately. Read the reviews about the nurseries on the Internet, ask the owners. Puppies miniature breeds can be very expensive, but don’t skimp on the acquisition, as low price usually hides a poor breed quality and health manufacturers. Choosing the right breeder, visit his house. Parents of puppies should not be kept in cages, as in this case dogs and their offspring lose their socialization skills. Watch the puppies, if there is a choice, choose the one that more attracted to behavior and willingly goes on contact. Note the appearance and grooming of dogs. Current eyes, dull coat, thin – indicate poor care and hidden diseases.

Ask, does the breeder vaccinations to puppies, if so, what. It is better to buy a puppy, grafted imported vaccines in veterinary clinic. Vaccinations must be supplied to puppies under the age. Too-early vaccination also useless for immunity, and no.

If you bought an unvaccinated puppy, you should familiarize yourself with the schedule of vaccination and to vaccinate your puppy. Some of the veterinary clinic of Novosibirsk, such as this, it is recommended to vaccinate a puppy since 4 weeks.

If Your goal is to further the breeding, buying a puppy is better after you visit more than one exhibition and learn detailed description of the breed standards and the leading lines of breeding.

Features of the dogs miniature breeds

The popularity of small dogs is because they do not bother the owners in a small city apartment, they are easy to take with you on trips, on holiday, most of them are well behave in human society. Small dogs can be trained to use the tray, and it allows you to walk with your pet, then when the opportunity arises, not when it is time toilet. Many species are very ornamental: they are perfectly emphasize the femininity and sense of style of the owner.

Disadvantages of dwarf breeds are:

cocky and aggressiveness of some individuals,

the need for a special diet and professional feed

the fragility of the body and joints,

the high price of puppies, accessories and care products.

Many people, first buying a dog of small size, commit a lot of errors related to incorrect views about the content of these Pets. The main misconception is that purchasing a dog of small size, owners have little regard for its training and education. However, despite its small size, it is still a dog, and a joint life with rude, aggressive, not accustomed to hygiene pet can turn into a nightmare. Not all representatives of the above listed breeds are successfully trained, however teach your baby the minimum necessary and basic commands is always possible. This will not only make the dog more predictable and manageable, but will also strengthen the relationship with the host.

The second common misconception is that these dogs can not walk. Although many successfully use a tray, walking is essential for health, good mood and immune status of the pet.

The third misconception is that the owners are not treated with due attention to the diet of a small dog. Overfeeding of dogs of these breeds is particularly dangerous because it threatens the development of obesity, heart disease and musculoskeletal disorders.

Only after evaluating all the pros and cons of a specific breed, in learning the principles of nursing and basic skills training, you should purchase your miniature dog. Because the little dog is not a toy or fashion accessory, it is a living being, able to feel, to experience, to love!

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