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My cat. The care of Pets.
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Feeding Labrador puppy
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Pets as therapy and a means of developing immunity in children

The relationship between man and animal has very ancient roots. Their relationship is described in the literature, reflected in art and folklore. It is human nature to attribute to an animal is purely a human quality. But it often happens that a pet really becomes a truly loyal assistant and even a friend for someone close to him.

We all know about the beneficial effects of Pets on humans and particularly on children . but only recently have systematic activities involving animals are widely used as one of methods of children’s and General family therapy .

The most well-known successes such psychotherapeutic treatment of children with developmental delays and behavioural problems , autism, hyperactivity , increased aggressiveness . and also kids. suffering from various neuroses .

In Israel very popular this kind of psychotherapy for children and adults, as riding on horseback. A good example can serve the farm “Havat Zach” in Kfar Verbage. One of the owners, Oded Tamm, said: “the Relationship between horse and human cannot be measured and assessed in monetary terms. The horse is a friend, smart and loyal. She believes the man and jump him into the fire or off a cliff. Will run until they drop “.

While riding the various activated abilities, such as sensorimotor integration. coordination and orientation in space (in this case, one activates all muscle groups and increase self-esteem,confidence and sense of dignity). Also, there are significant improvements in children with learning problems. attention. motor functions with various diseases , including cerebral palsy (CP). Imagine for a moment Your feelings when You are on horseback! The same strong and confident feelings felt by Your kid.

Cat, dog and other small brothers child

Child suffering from stuttering . as one of the manifestations of neurosis . much easier to get in contact with animals, such as small, silent and helpless, like himself, and begin to communicate with him. The child can pet and hug the animal, play with it. Even bred a special breed of cat-Ragdoll. This is a cat with clearly marked open and playful character.

Pets help a child overcome the fear of loneliness in the event of the temporary absence of his parents.

Contact with animals promotes emotional growth and maturity of the child-the development of his sensitivity, feelings of attachment to others, ability of empathy, the overcoming of feelings of envy toward the Yu brothers and sisters, and, in other words – emotional development of the child . Hyperactive kid uspokaivatsya, stroking the cat. dog or hamster; learn to control the force of their movements. It is very important to control the presence of adults during these contacts. The child feels that the animal accepts it for what it is,without criticism and with full confidence. It facilitates communication. The influence of the existing different disabilities is reduced; the animal serves as a mediator and opens the little door to relationships with adults and the surrounding world.

Doctors initially warned about the risk of allergies in children because of animal hair. However, American pediatricians, conducted a series of studies, found that the presence in the house two or more cats or dogs reduces the risk of Allergy in children. For example, a pediatrician Dennis Ownby from the medical College of Georgia conducted a study involving 474 children aged 6 years and older. Checked was their reaction to all possible allergens. It was found that about 77% of children living in families with Pets showed high resistance to allergies . A possible explanation of this phenomenon, according to scientists, is that in these cases a child’s immune system is activated, which leads to the suppression of some types of allergic reactions and, respectively, is activated and the course of development of a sick child . Pets in our house

Every member of the family with love and even tenderness refers to animals in our house, and they reciprocate. This venerable age (16 years old) dog Lucky (now, unfortunately deceased ), and five absolutely amazing representatives of the cat breeds -white, blue-eyed and very friendly pers Marquis , chief of the flock; gentle and charming ekzotka Christie (pictured left with the Marquis )and her hyperactive daughter, Musya , eccentric Suzan breed British blue (center) and smoky tortoiseshell Nancy. The history of the relationship of these cute animals amazing and worthy of a separate narration. In July 2004 a pregnant Susie almost died during childbirth and, without the help of a veterinarian, prooperirovat it (caesarean section), survived. The only kitten who was rescued, was remarkably similar to the Marquis – the same snow-white fluffy fur and those amazing blue eyes. However, the mother did not want to accept and feed him-she was under anesthesia and didn’t know it was her son. And we in the entire month, fed him special cat Obscene bottle, and then kind Christie. given birth by this time his five kittens adopted baby Susie under barrels and okazyvala for them as for their relatives. Later, in connection with the recommendation of the doctor, we were forced to take is not a simple decision to sterilize Susie. that, however, did not have any impact on her playful nature, nor the attachment to it of the Marquis. The connection between them remained touchingly affectionate and they still touch each other and are trying all the time to be together. As you can see, relations between cats are governed not only by instincts, but something more complex, still beyond our understanding. Still, there is much interesting to tell about each of the animals, about their jealousy towards each other and towards people, their intrigues and mischief, about abilities to care for and protect. But more about that in another time and in another place.

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