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Top 5 most undemanding animals for workaholics

The desire to have a pet to different people comes in different ways. Someone spontaneously decides that it’s time to find yourself a friend whom one would care to spend the evening or just to buy for children. Someone the desire is brewing my whole life, growing out of the prohibitions of the parents to buy the pet and the final grown at a more Mature age.

Not to mention short-sighted and cruel people who throw animals after them enough, most people refuse to have animals because of their rhythm of life. Going to work early in the morning and returning late in the evening hard to think about the content of pet, and who needs constant care and constant attention.

However, when really someone you want to have close by, someone who will tolerate your lack of frequent and rare moments of attention, and the necessary cleaning and feeding, you can still find a way out. I sawed defenders of animals, specify in advance that describe the minimum care of animals and the “Spartan” conditions of their residence.

Fans to give the whole room accommodation under the cat, buy overalls for iguanas and refitted bathroom under dwarf crocodiles is unlikely to read further.

5. Rabbit

This fun furry friend, which will delight your girlfriend or wife, it will be possible to buy and without sabikhat to contain in the kitchen or in the hallway, bought him a cage with drinker and feeder. The cost of feeding will be quite low, to get in the cage will need time in seven days that will fit under your hard working week, but don’t forget to pour in the evening feed, remove uneaten and change the water in the drinking bowl.

In this rhythm, the stench will be felt, in case you manage to find the strength to clean the cage more often than once a week, the stench will not be guaranteed in General. In the evenings with a rabbit need to talk to Pat him and take his hands. Briefly be sure to let him out to run around the apartment, with your own control animal.

If you are compassionate and want to release while you’re away – you need to be morally ready to all say otherwise has no wires in the house. Of the activities for the care of animals, you can also add brushing during the shedding and trimming my claws, however these procedures can be made no more than once a month.

4. Canary

This bird also will delight you with her clear voice, to remind you that in the house there’s someone else and not require a lot of care about yourself. Will have to buy a cage subsectime, bowls and trays. The bottom of the cage will serve as a toilet. If time allows, sprinkle the sand there, which is replaceable as often as possible to prevent odor and even release him from the cage, if not, Staley papers, which can be replaced every two or three days.

Feeding birds can be tailored to your busy schedule. If it’s convenient – you can feed daily, protein one or two spoons of food, or every two or three days, using respectively 2 and 3 times more, which is especially useful for working in shifts.

It is also recommended that at least once a week to release a fly, so bring her to the room where the minimum of furniture and gadgets with flat screens and 15-20 minutes watching the bird, to avoid damage and damage of your belongings. For those who are afraid that the Canary will Wake with the first rays of sun after hard work, please purchase a thick cloth and cover her cage at night

3. Snake

If your fear says “Yes” and your mind will be enough not to buy questionable and poisonous snakes, it is quite possible to get Royal snakes or so-called “tree-climbing snakes”. These individuals are not aggressive and will delight you and intimidate your impressionable guests. From the equipment will have to buy the terrarium or the aquarium filament lamp – the snakes need to bask, as well as sand or soil.

Optionally, you can add a few branched twigs, the snake was crawling on him and enjoyed life, swaying in the branches. Who with disgust thinking about how to buy of mice and to keep track of how ruthlessly devour them, I hasten to reassure – from small chicken eggs. Sometimes of course recommended to treat the mice – but it all depends on your bleeding heart. The feeding regime is once a week, you will agree is not good and busy workaholics.

2. Hamster

One of the most common pet is easy, if the right to build its mode of feeding, but also understand that clean too often – even harmful to the psychology of the hamster, as he seeks to accumulate. Of course, the waste of his life it is better to clean 2-3 times a week, but the food is better not to touch.

Purchase cages with trays for water and food, can limit your “Spartan” hamster, all sorts of gadgets such slides and wheels, you can leave at your discretion. Are you asking in the cage rags, hamster himself of them he will construct a toilet, bedroom and storage room. Once a week need to take it to pens, to play and to release to run out of the cage. If will be not enough time to buy food – you can give the crumbled bread and fruits and vegetables once a day or once in two days.

1. Tortoise

Led by our top most unpretentious it is a land turtle if you gave water – they’re a little more complicated. Setting the stage for this undemanding friend, be, by the way, just finished its semi-hibernation. All of the equipment from the terrarium with incandescent lamp, pebbles and soil.

You can feed specialized feed from the pet store or fresh vegetables from your table, of which, by the way, she will get water, but polocko still recommended to put something. Care it fits into the framework of a total lack of time – once a week I clean the carapace and legs with a soft brush.

Closer to the middle of the fall – off in the terrarium lamp, your turtle is going to hibernate, and in the middle of the spring – switch on gradually to Wake her up. Sometimes let out of the cage to walk, due to low travel speeds, careful attention for it is not required.

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