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The choice of a pet for a child

Often parents think that buying a child a pet is the probability that he will become more responsible and flexible. But does not always work the way you expect. In most cases, parents believe that the appearance of the house furry animal will teach their child to be careful. That is a great mistake. Homework will only increase, and it will have to do You.

Children often cheat and promise the parents – if the house appears little animals, they’ll behave better, become better, to study or to sleep in the children’s garden in the quiet hour. As a rule, it is not true.

If despite all the disadvantages, you have agreed to buy a pet, choose an animal appropriate to the nature and age of your kid.

Young children can be purchased an aquarium . The child with interest will be to observe the underwater life of their Pets. More diligent kids can see the fish with their parents. Parents, in turn, can give the names of conspicuous fishes and show them to the child. Are advised to buy fish of medium size, the baby could easily to remember them and to find in the aquarium. No need to buy a large aquarium, because some children get bored very quickly that they can’t pet or cuddle your pet and they are no longer interested in fish.

How not vspomnite fluffy and affectionate kitty . This cute pet will be a joy for your child and for you. Before buying a cat, make sure that none of the family members are not allergic to wool. If no and you have weighed all the pros and cons then go to the pet store. Not to add to his troubles at home, choose a shorthaired breed. Remember that these birds are carriers of parasites and infections. So if you are going to have another baby, if your cat walks on the street, you better someone to give.

The dog — man’s best friend. No wonder they all write books that are the cleverest and devoted animals. So why not to have such a friend for your baby? Many parents believe that Pets such as dogs, and small children can’t be under one roof. It is possible and to argue. The child will quickly get along with the puppy, but you need to follow some rules when buying, caring for and nurturing a dog. First you need to determine the breed of the pet.

Service dogs (Doberman, Rottweiler) Are aggressive in nature, and unlikely to find a common language with the baby. Little dogs (Chihuahuas, Pekinese, toy Terrier) Whimsical animals require their owners a lot of attention and don’t always get along with children. Hunting dog breeds can get along with you and your child, but do you have time for it, because these rocks are characterized by their activity, mobility and require frequent walks.

The Dachshund is a good choice for children of different age categories. These small, funny and moving creatures will not hurt your toddler. The child can walk dogs of this breed, as during life they almost do not change in size.

Great Pets for kids are parrots . which do not need any special care. How much joy and positive emotions children feel when parents bring home a bird cage. As in the previous examples, you need to ensure no allergies in the household. Positive quality of this animal is its love for cleanliness. They quickly adapt to the new environment and to their owners. Some parrots can even learn the pronunciation of simple words, if you are doing it. In contrast to the above proposed Pets, parrots are not picky and don’t require a lot of attention and care. Before buying winged friend examine it carefully, because the appearance of the pet will tell you about his condition.

Small, fluffy and cute rodent – hamster . But is it worth to choose a pet for this lovely animal? If your child is very small, to have a hamster for him no sense, so how to care for him he can’t. Children about 6 years already understand how to care for your small friend will be able to feed and play not Tatischev baby. If you constantly keep the hamster cage clean and tidy, you can be sure that obnoxious smell will not bother you.

Decorative rats can compete with the hamsters for the love of children. These, at first glance, parents, nasty creatures that are very popular with young children. Wonder that parents refer to these rodents, they are considered the smartest creatures and be trained. They live about three years. The salesman at the pet store you will be strongly discouraged from purchasing this animal, but the final decision is yours. If you still succumb to the persuading your kid, mentally tune in to the presence in the house of a rodent. Be sure you’ll get along with him.

If you like to pamper your child then the option of purchasing a rabbit for him for you. This furbearer has never and will never hurt your child. You should consider the fact that rabbits are very shy and fragile creatures. And if your baby is still very small, many times think before to take home of Eeyore. In the case if your house lives a student, this is a good way to develop responsibility. At this age the child will be able to care for a rabbit receiving from you the minimum of assistance.

Before you buy in a store of any animal, think carefully about is whether you have enough time to care for it, if your child is not yet able to do independently? Do you have enough funds for the acquisition of all necessary your little furry beast? Ready your kid for the new family member?

The presence in your home any pet that develops a child’s love of nature. Family pet after a while will become a member of the family, even if at first you did not take him seriously. Our smaller brethren need attention and care. Buying an animal is not necessary to shift the responsibility to the child, help him both in word and deed.

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