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The costs of democracy – Hunting dogs

A topic for discussion that you want to offer, about breeding, is not new, but very rarely covered. In the 90-ies of the last century, we at once took the creation of the ASLF as one of the divisions of RKF. And regulations and rules, including breeding.

Breeders have the right to participate in breeding with the receipt of prescribed documents to the offspring when you include them in the plan matings organization eligible for breeding”. This is an extract from section 2.1.3. The provisions of the breeding work, the approved C. P. ROOS 21.05.13 No. 77. I quote another paragraph, but the Situation “On the kennels of purebred dogs in RKF. (Adopted by the Presidium of RKF 03.121992 G.)

“1.1. Kennel (or Plant) purebred dogs is created on the basis of breeding stock. For the formation of the kennel dog owner (or group) must own at least one breeding female (brood bitch), registered in canine organization that is a member of RKF.”

Then comes clause 1.2. “Private nursery can arrange a natural person aged 18 years. including to have experience of dog work in the dog not less than 3 years”. In General in the spirit of the time. Believe me, I’m not that should not be allowed to breed young people. They need to attract, we have to show the beauty of hunting with dogs. It is necessary that they understand that the dog is the soul of hunting. But breeding is not an easy task as it seems.

We considered a breeding bitch with the diploma of the 3rd degree is not in the core game and a “good” rating. If we consider that the regulations on breeding allows the breeder to pick their own male for mating their bitches. And the value of a dog is measured by its “rated”” — what will we get and what we have in the end.

In the regulation on breeding of 2013 registered: “Breeder” has the right, turning on his females in the mating plan, which was approved by the Regional Commission. “Where are they, these commissions? I’ve talked to many experts of the Ural region — no commissions, or they exist formally.

And one of the staff handlers said bluntly: “why? As it is in the plans of mating burrowing dogs will be dealt with luchniki?”

So, the direction of development of determines the regular breed canine? And, at best, responsible for breeding work in the section (the club). In fact, it turns out — are really a kind of “nutrientional get-together”. Often leading experts on the breed don’t know why, from what appeared a combination of a particular litter. My dears, breeding, pedigree breeding is a very painstaking and accurate work.

And we should not forget the experience of the Soviet dog training school (Soviet), not Russian. Russian school, nothing is for hunting dogs is not given.

It is carefully forgotten tribal event — “Brood rearing”. The event at which the assessment is selection of pairs. When showing a “dad-mom” and the descendants. That’s where must be measured the rating of the male, his prepotential and quality of transferred genes. Gave — “in itself”, good! Gave — “better yourself”, and even in combination with different stud dogs, great.

And second. In the above-mentioned regulation on breeding recorded that the main method is purebred breeding method of line breeding. “Method of line breeding is to “earn” a good blood on the qualities of the animal from its descendants and thereby genetically similar animals by inbreeding, whose blood “accumulates”, and thereby is created a line of his blood, the founder of which is considered us favorites animal. “— wrote in his book “Russian Spaniard SPANIEL” expert of the Republican category G. Aganesov.

Here is an example. Before the crazy idea of “self-selection of males” for mating was accomplished in view of the above provisions, in Ekaterinburg only SSL 15-20 years ago, there were four groups of independent lines and 8 lines for some manufacturers. I won’t list them. Look for information in the Internet. Either the article is comprised of V. S. (1992).

I will say one thing: all four groups were pedigree, with stable transmission exterior and working qualities of the dog. “And here is the result of “excessive freedom” when the first RFOS order No. 18 dated 19.05.1997 G. then the Association of hunters and anglers to their “breeding” from 10.12.2007 p. 2.5.1 has allowed dog owners to tie up the huskies with the rating “good”.

In the tribal case involved dog low exterior levels, including those of dubious origin. Some old Ural line, including Taiga, which became a model for writing standard SSL, was on the verge of extinction”. This is the information expert of the 2nd category Alexander zhurbina.

Fashion passion animal dogs, involvement in the breed of dog breed with serious deficiencies has led to the fact that only two of the eight strongest lines “a really strong and stable” are the words of the same A. zhurbina.

I have no purpose to promote or to criticize the successes or shortcomings in breeding hunting dogs. I appeal only to facts. But facts are stubborn things. On another “specialty” exhibition (one of the last “achievements” of the ASLF, or anyone else), in the framework of the regional — open championship show, held late January in Yekaterinburg, was exposed a little more than 60 huskies all four standardized in the Russian Federation rocks. “Champions” went to Chelyabinsk.

My teacher Agensov G. G. wrote: “Remarkable doesn’t happen by chance. To undermine the line is not difficult — in the history of factory farming of animals we have seen time and again”. Nothing to add. I just want to say that in the current environment, in some breeds, especially the “West breeding”, an influx of dogs, perhaps, and high exterior, but not always “prepotente”.

In this “salad” need to get back to our school and the experience of breeding of hunting dogs, we need to consolidate the exterior and working qualities. And for this we need to abandon the imposed theory “independent of the choice of manufacturers and guidelines on “rating males”. Only then will be able to achieve recognition for our breeds and to raise the prestige of the Russian canine school.

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