Saltwater rotifer
Rotifers (Rotatoria) — the smallest of multicellular animals, together with the ciliates are part of the so-called "living dust". Their sizes vary from 0.04 to 2 mm. Its name rotifers…

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What is the most undemanding pet
Guinea pigs are one of the most common Pets due to their unpretentiousness. They live in cells that do not produce almost no sound and not capricious, and therefore do…

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How Pets see the world
Cats Speaking of great vision, people mean the ability to see a clear colorful image near, far and peripheral vision. Many of the familiar options are for cats insignificant. The…

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The biggest domestic cats

The domestic cat and so good that she’s home . But it is human nature the most-most, so it is natural that the large cats attract the attention and arouse the curiosity. In addition, these animals are really impressive.

The Internet is still alive the myth that the biggest (and also most expensive) home cat is usher. But since this breed of cats does not exist, and for usher, the scammers gave a large cat breeds Savannah, this mythological character, we will not consider.

Maine Coon

One of the big pet cats is rightly considered to be Maine Coon. Individual instances of cats of this breed reach the weight of 15 kilograms. The Maine Coon is a very beautiful, noble-looking cat. with very thick hair and tassels on the ears, looks a bit like a lynx. Detailed article about the breed from the Photo in the article “Maine Coon”


This cat is a large, mainly high. This breed is the Savannah can weigh 15 pounds. Savannah – the result of crossing the wild Serval and a domestic cat. so she boldly claims to be the largest domestic cat . One of the representatives of this breed got into the Guinness book of world records as the tallest cat. Read more about the breed in the article “Savannah “


She house and Sauze – this cat nazyvayutsa homemade reed cat, because she received as a result of crossing the wild jungle cat and the Abyssinian cat. These animals can reach a weight of 18 pounds, and they look very impressive and weird. These cats have wild grace and make a lasting impression. Detailed article about the breed with Photos and videos in the article “Cause”


Another large domestic cat – pixibob, or home lynx. He’s a Hemingway cat. The origin of the mysterious and overgrown with speculation and rumors. Maybe these cats really occurred naturally as a result of intergeneric matings. But breeders have a hand in the improvement of this breed is the fact. Males can reach 10 pounds of weight. Given the short tail and tassels on the ears, these cats are really a bit like a lynx. In addition, one of the hallmarks of this breed are polydactyl (mnohopillya) paws-snowshoes. Detailed article with Photos and video in the article “Pixiebob”

British Shorthair

A breed of cats of natural origin. The British are known to have a massive physique and “rounded shapes”, and unusual textured plush coat that is most pronounced in cats blue color. The average weight of British breed ranges from 3 to 8 pounds, depending on sex. But there are large cats, weighing 10-12 pounds. The main thing is that body fat was a cat not too big, the weight was determined by size and muscle mass. Read more in the article “British cat”Julia

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