What is the most undemanding pet
Guinea pigs are one of the most common Pets due to their unpretentiousness. They live in cells that do not produce almost no sound and not capricious, and therefore do…

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Export cats abroad
For the export of cats to other city or abroad need: Follow the rules of transportation of animals, to avoid problems during the trip. 1. A veterinary passport should contain…

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Pets protect children from asthma and allergies
Many parents are convinced that cats and dogs put their child at risk of catching allergies or asthma. However, a recent study of physicians from the hospital of Henry Ford…

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Export cats abroad

For the export of cats to other city or abroad need:

Follow the rules of transportation of animals, to avoid problems during the trip.

1. A veterinary passport should contain information about vaccinations by age. The last vaccination must be made not earlier than one year before departure, and no later than a month .

2. Certificate of health Form N-1 issued by the state veterinary clinic.

3. Carrying to transport the cat. If You carry a cat by plane. we need to specify the requirements of the air carrier to transport the animal, what is the weight of a cat let it have allowed to take with you to the salon and size cosecha carrying. A place for the cat on the plane is booked in advance, some carriers will not allow to take a cat to the salon, if you have already booked a seat for the dog or already flying several cats.

When boarding the train, when You travel to another city, you need to buy the train ticket on the carriage of cats in the train, You also need for bringing vetpasport with vaccinations . including MANDATORY rabies vaccination . and a certificate from the State veterinary clinic .

The order of transfer of these animals

1. The order of transfer of these animals crossing the state border.

a) from abroad: passengers may bring in any animals owned by them at nalichnymi.nalichnyh passports issued by the state veterinary authorities of countries of export of animals or the international veterinary certificate should be made the mark that the animals are clinically healthy and vaccinated against rabies. The vaccination shall be fulfilled not earlier than 30 days and no later than 12 months before the date of departure .

b) abroad: when crossing the state border of the Russian Federation veterinary certificate of animal health, which shall be in the state veterinary clinic for 3 days prior to departure with compulsory vaccination against rabies, changes to the international certificate. Customs also need to present the permit to export the animal.

2. On the territory of the Russian Federation domestic animals are transported to the veterinary certificate with the stamp of the veterinary service of the airport. Transportation conditions (presence of cells, prices for transportation, etc.) are recognized during the ticket purchase. The transportation of animals is paid, regardless of the passenger’s other baggage. The weight of the animal with the container is not included in the free baggage allowance. Animals weighing up to 8 kg (container) can travel in the aircraft cabin; over 8 kg – only in the cargo compartment. Guide dogs accompanying blind passengers are carried free of charge. Excerpts from “Rules for international carriage by air of passengers, baggage and cargo”:

9.1. Items unacceptable for carriage as baggage. animals, except dogs, cats and other Pets (domesticated animals) and birds that can be accepted for carriage subject to the provisions set out in clause 9.15.of this Regulation.

9.15.1. Dogs, cats, birds and other small Pets (domesticated) animals are accepted to transportation only accompanied by adult passengers and subject to the prior consent of the carrier. The passenger is obliged to submit a certificate issued by the competent state institution, and other documents required by veterinary authorities of any country, on territory, from territory or through which territory transportation is carried out.

9.15.2. For the carriage of animals and birds the passenger must provide a container (cage) of sufficient size with access of air. The bottom of the container (cage) shall be waterproof and covered with absorbent material. Exceptionally, it is permitted to transport animals and birds in densely closed baskets, boxes with holes for air access. Bird cages should be covered with thick lightproof fabric.

9.15.3. The weight of accompanied animals and birds, including weight of containers (cage) and food is not included in the free baggage allowance and is paid by baggage fare.

9.15.4. Guide dogs are carried free of charge without a cage in excess of the free baggage allowance provided that such dog has a collar and a muzzle and is tied at the owner’s feet.

9.15.5. Acceptance for carriage of Pets (domesticated animals) and birds is subject to the condition that the passenger assumes full responsibility for them. The carrier is not liable for any injury, loss, delay in delivery, diseases or death of such animals and birds as well as in case of refusal in their import or transportation through any country or territory.

29.3.4. The carrier is not liable for the death or damage of health of the person accompanying transported on the aircraft animals, if they were caused by the behavior of these animals.

29.3.5. The carrier is not liable if the death or injury of an animal caused by natural reasons, the actions of his entourage, or behavior of the animal or other animals (for example: bite, lagana, butting, strangling), and if it had to do with habits, natural features, nature or animals.

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