Who to start in addition to cat dog?
You like exotic Pets? But if you have an Allergy to wool, and very desirable pet – what to do? There is a solution to this problem is to get…

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The choice of a pet for a child
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Dove diamond
And from all this group the diamond dove occurs most frequently. Head, neck and underparts of its body is ashy-grey; back, wings and tail brownish; wings small white spots; a…

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9 tips for photographing Pets

Pets are very easy to find a place in our homes and in our hearts, and we want to Photograph them and to enjoy looking at their Photos in frames. But to photograph a pet is not easy. They are not human and they don’t understand what we need from them and won’t specially pose for the camera. Here are some advice how to get the most good shots of Pets.

1. Use natural light, avoid flash, not only because of the red eye, but also due to the fact that the animal may be frightened. It is better to try to Photograph on the street or if this is not possible, in a room with a large window.

2. Pay attention to the eyes. No wonder they say that eyes are the mirror of the soul, the eyes of animals can be very expressive. Make sure that the focus on the eyes of the animal.

3. Walk up to them. It is very important that the animal feel comfortable and at ease, instead of having to call up the animal, go to him. Get on one with him level. We know what it looks like, for example, the dog above, but it is better to show in the Pictures, how she sees the world. Sit on the floor or lie down, and remember to take Photos at eye level or below pet.

4. Appreciate their character. You know your pet better than anyone and the Photos will be able to display his character. If you have a lazy cat, make the frame when he yawns, if you have a playful dog, take a picture of her in motion when she performs some of your favorite trick.

5. Use macro. Use a long lens, and let the muzzle of the animal’s coat fills the entire frame. Due to the close range it’s very beautiful Photo.

6. Surprise them. One of the difficulties is that it is difficult to force the animal to be stationary. The best trick would be to allow him to play, and when you’re done shooting, ask someone to call the pet or whistle. It will surprise the animal and attract its attention and you will have a few seconds to make the shot until the animal is motionless.

7. Find the right time to take pictures. If you have a burning desire to take a picture, choose the right time, for example, when the pet is sleeping or just woke up, this time he is still silent. If you need a dynamic Photo shoot, when the animal plays. If a pet is not feeling well, better put shooting.

8. Be patient. Photographing animals requires patience. No matter how playful your pet, wait until he’s done and calm down, then you get to take a clear shot.

9. Experiment. Try to take pictures with different settings, different angles, with different compositions. Make as many pictures, and among them will be masterpieces.

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