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Pets as therapy and a means of developing immunity in children
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Discussion, how many usually live pond slider turtles at home. How to extend the life of your pet?
In nature only a few survive to extreme old age, due to objective reasons. But even in captivity, the turtles on the strength make it to the middle of that…

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The horrors of genetic engineering: the Most terrible animals

Allowed already contain not only because of their usefulness. Many of the Pets we have sheltered only for their beauty and charm. In addition, the breeders bring a lot of showy rocks to make our life more beautiful.

However, sometimes they are clearly behind the curve, and new hybrids cause rather a feeling of disgust than affection.

We introduce you to seven animals of different breeds, whose appearance was very controversial.

Budapest Mongolian Thurman

This breed of pigeons outwardly looks like a fish-telescope or amphibian. Especially creepy look unfledged Chicks are Budapest tumblers. However, these birds acquired a reputation of being great flyers and are highly appreciated among professionals.

For those who are crazy about cats, but at the same time likes to amuse himself a vampire movie, brought a special breed of werewolves. This breed is called Lika (Lykoi) and resembles an intermediate link of evolution, in which cats are descended from bats.

Likoi and although in appearance seem to be sick and bald, actually it’s quite healthy animals. However, to get offspring from such drakulat unlikely to succeed, because the breed is still young and is genetically unstable.

At first VSPackages that this goat was seriously injured in any accident. But actually it’s a specially bred species, which is also called Shami. Some believe these goats are incredibly beautiful.

But “beautiful” goats their appearance even is uncomfortable when eating, and even in the wild these animals are unlikely to survive with such a twisted jaw.

This breed Canaries looks like the bastard child of the bird and the pterodactyl. Round-shouldered bird with a deficit of feathers looks creepy. But this breed of song birds has its admirers.

The Chinese lop-eared pig Meishan

Meishan is a Shar Pei among pigs. But unlike dogs, these animals look far less attractive. Pigs of this breed are distinguished by extraordinary fertility.

But further spread of the breed Meishan in animal husbandry prevent excessively fatty meat, which is not like all pork admirers. However, some farmers keep such things only for their peculiar beauty.

Mammoth Poitou donkey

This is one of the oldest breeds of donkeys is characterized by its long coat, which inevitably falls in untidy dreadlocks. In the past, Poitou valued for their extraordinary strength, but with the advent of tractors saved them as an ornamental breed.

Guinea pigs skinny

Guinea pigs are famous for the variety of its rocks. Many of them look very ambiguous. Perhaps, the most repulsive appearance are bald pig breeds skinny. Especially unattractive looks barely pubescent muzzle against the rest of naked body.

Yeah, sometimes experiments geneticists go further than they expect. However, even on not the most attractive breed has its own demand. In the end, everyone has their own idea of beauty. Perhaps many will think these animals are attractive.

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