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Carriage of Pets (birds) and plant products
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Unusual Pets

It is believed that cats, dogs, parrots, fish and ferrets – Pets. The rest we usually accustomed to seeing in the gear or the BBC in the zoo. Meanwhile, foxes, raccoons, and even alligators can be tamed and kept in a standard city apartment.

In nature foxes are timid and cautious, if you meet a Fox in a forest, she will run away from you. But if from birth to raise a Fox at home, she will become tame and even will wear you Slippers.

One of the first foxes to adapt to home life was scientist Dmitri Belyaev in 1959. The scientist then working at the Novosibirsk Institute of Cytology and genetics and conducted an experiment on foxes special coloring is silver – black. He tried to bring an obedient individuals, who would be able to live peacefully with man. The experiments were conducted until then, until a breed that is most adapted to life among humans.

Such an obedient Fox differs from “forest”. She has a roundish face, blue eyes, and the color can vary from pure white to dark red. For comfortable living foxes at home she needs a little daily to comb hair (especially foxes) and walk in the fresh air. To teach a Fox to a leash fairly easily. Siberian breed standard dog collar for dogs, and the Fennec Fox (Fox is native to North Africa, listed in the Red book) it is better to buy a leash for walking cats.Foxes do not like being alone, easily get along with other animals and loyal to his master. But never hurt a Fox – or it is forever. It is not revenge, but self-contained.

Traditionally raccoons are considered nocturnal animals, sleeping during the day in the hollow, and at night go hunting. In order to keep this animal in a city apartment, it is best to prepare a separate room with lots of rags, a toilet and a tree, so that the animal could easily climb. Cage of freedom-loving raccoons-poloskun not perceive. In addition, they are very curious, their attention is drawn to all corners where you can hide food, so if you do not allocate the raccoon personal space, have to share with him the cabinets and fridge.

Feed the raccoon preferably 3-4 times a day, early in the evening, at night, in the night and morning. If the house has other animals, from birds and rodents will have to give – them the raccoons will always be perceived as just another snack. When education a raccoon, you cannot use physical punishment. He will perceive this as an attempt of an attack and will respond in kind.

In recent years, the number of crocodiles drastically reduced and now they are listed in the Red book. They are usually bred on the farm, but if you are partial to the exotic, but not extreme, it is possible to have the apartment Caiman crocodile. He is a relative of the Nile crocodile – the largest representative of the family (length up to 7 m.), which hardly anyone dare to hold in his bath.

The size of the spectacle Caiman does not exceed 2.5 m and looks almost the same as this crocodile. The differences between the crocodile and Cayman only in the structure of jaws and the many teeth of what known only to narrow specialists. For normal functioning animal need clean water, limbs or small trees that Gene could climb on him at night. It was in this time began the active life of crocodiles.

Unlike other reptiles, crocodiles recognize those who care of them, understand speech, and trainable. So, the British schoolboy 17-year-old Liam Andrews successfully engaged with their two “Chimanimani”. The guy really is a passion for this kind of exotic animal. In the house Liam is home to over 300 animals, including birds, tarantulas, snakes, Scorpions, lizards, 60 of them, the guy keeps in his bedroom.

Despite the freedom of the monkey, it is quite possible to educate in the apartment. The nuances of the content of these animals similar to raccoons in a home setting-Proskurov. But unlike the latter, the better to keep monkeys in a cage. To release the animal to walk through the apartment better under the watchful attention, otherwise it can lead to destruction.

From the first minutes of communication we have to show who’s the leader, then the monkey to obey and the neighborhood will be quite comfortable. For content in Russian apartments experienced “obitaniya” choose a breed of flat-nosed monkeys, they. In length this specimen can reach 25 to 36 cm, and weight she is quite small, on average 2 kilograms. With a life expectancy of up to 9 years, however, a case where the female lived for 21 years. In the food unpretentious, they can, literally, eat them with one table – salads, vegetables, fruits, low fat cottage cheese.

Wanting to have a skunk house a bit, however, there are some fans. Usually skunks, which are renowned for their distinctive aroma, held in a private home, so the animal more often been in the fresh air. One of these fans skunks is 51-year-old American Deborah Caprine already turned their hobby into a profession in her country house inhabited by nearly 80 skunks!

Every month a woman spends about $ 700 on the content of their favorites. According to the woman, every morning she takes them for a walk and she is already fed up with people who are shouting “SKUNKS!” I am trying to get to the other side of the street. Actually it is quite clean animals, and his defensive weapon they are used only in exceptional cases. Besides, skunk is easy to teach, and unlike monkeys and raccoons he’s not as reactive and will destroy everything in its path. Animal executes the elementary commands, picky in eating, in recent times there is a tendency to keep a skunk in a country house as a decoration.

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