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Central Asian shepherd dog (CAO)

Like any living organism for normal growth and development, the puppy should receive a balanced diet. The basic rules of feeding: · Feed the recommended puppy from aluminum or enameled bowl. · Bowls with water and food must be on the stand, corresponding to the growth of the puppy/dog (normal height, when a dog is getting food reaches for food up instead of tilts his head down), with the growth of puppy the height of the stand must be changed. · Food must be absolutely fresh, room temperature. · Feeding should be carried out only at a set time, after feeding the food should be removed. Avoid overfeeding, this causes damage to the exterior of the dog.

· Clean water should be placed in a bowl, round the clock, to change it is recommended 3-5 times a day, the dog was able to get it any time of the day or night. · Foods dogs must be less volume and more concentrated. · Do not let your puppy sweets. · Do not give dogs poultry bones never, nor raw, nor boiled beef rib and lamb, it can cause death dogs.

· The puppy should be given raw beef bones. Dog bones should be given after food to keep your dog attacked them hungrily. The bones start to give 1.5 month old with ful -. · Feed the puppy tolcapone walking, and better for the team. Recommended number of feedings:

If the veterinarian does not give a pre-Scriptures.

Reducing the number of feedings, especially at first for a puppy under 6 months of age is undesirable. Intervals between feedings should be equal, except for the night. At a certain age puppy Central Asian shepherd himself will renounce their feedings, do not put the puppy violently, leaving to starve from one mode to another. Puppy itself will indicate when it is ready.

The amount of food eaten by the puppy soon You will be able to determine for yourself. Observe the puppy, if the puppy overeats, he quickly loses his appetite, and at the next feed will go to the bowl with obvious reluctance, then you should reduce the amount of food received for one feeding. Greedy food puppy Central Asian shepherd better organize the larger number of feedings. every time I almost tokarnia it. REMEMBER: the Appetite of a puppy depends on the owner! Try not to give it between feedings. Absolutely necessary in any food to add fruit (apples, pears, etc.), vegetables(beets, carrots, cabbage etc.), herbs (nettle, sorrel, parsley, dill, dandelion leaves, carrot and beet tops, etc.). For worm prevention you can give your puppy daily garlic(age puppy 35-40 days-1/8-1/6 of a clove of garlic, to 2 months 1/2 cloves of garlic, 3 months -1 slice). Under normal feeding the puppy should not be too thin or too thick.

Here is a sample diet month puppy:

Try to feed the puppy during the growth period (up to 18-24 months) as much as possible, pay special attention to the natural products.and don’t get carried away with artificial vitamins and other supplements. Good. proper nutrition-Your dog’s health.

The explanation to the table. Protein food is meat beef, mutton, horse, pork, fish. Raw pork should not be given, only after 1-2 hours of cooking. When feeding the lamb and horse meat, the dose should be increased in 1.3 times, when feeding the fish, the dose should be increased to 2.0 times, but the fish should be given no more than twice a week, when feeding by-products one-time consumption should increase 1.5 – 2.0 times. Almost 2 months protein food should be given in the form of meat, up to 3 months –finely chopped, 3 months after cut in pieces. In protein food you can add finely grated vegetables, with 3 months of dry oatmeal filling it with milk, broth. Milk and sour milk products – Kefir, curdled milk, Bifidok, yogurt, sour cream. Grits – as the basis for cereals should serve – buckwheat, dry oatmeal, rice. Buckwheat give well cooked. Hercules cook only until the puppy is 2.5 months, then it can be given soaked in milk, broth. Porridge boil thick, then diluting it with milk, yogurt. The egg should be given only boiled. Vegetables – should be given finely grated, fresh and boiled. adding a protein food. Mineral-vitamin feed. Must be in the diet of the young of the CAO ( Central ASIAN SHEPHERD ) should include mineral supplements (to a reasonable extent. do not exceed the dosage it can be dangerous for Your pet), vitamins, complex mineral-vitamin feed. There are basic rules for the consumption of vitamins that every person should know the owner of: * Vitamins are not permitted to give constantly without a break. (for puppies up to 6 months 10-14 days daily dose of vitamins, mandatory break after 4 – 5 days (do not give vitamins). After 6 months – one month to give 15 days mandatory break.) * Vitamins give either with food or immediately after meals. * Do not exceed the dosage of vitamins, it is dangerous to the health of the puppy (less, pedologice vitamins than their excess).

To vitamin medications include all pharmacy and veterinary vitamins (tetravit, trivitamin), and brewer’s yeast. (The basic vitamins a,D,E, b, F.) In vitamin preparations puppy needs to give high-quality mineral supplements are Well established and a comprehensive Vitamin-mineral supplements, they in addition contain the basic minerals and vitamins necessary for the development of a young dog, they need to apply under the scheme as and vitamins (see above).

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