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Pregnancy and Pets

You adore Pets, but recently learned that she is pregnant? Maybe you only plan to become pregnant, but you already have a pet? In any case, there are safety rules and nuances that should pay attention to create a safe environment for themselves and their unborn baby.

Basically the dog can’t do harm and create the risk of disrupting your health Zdorovya crumbs until you are carrying.If you are the owner of a large dog, then don’t allow her to jump lamina the abdomen, when sitting in the chair illegit.

The dog will need to be paid attention to when rabinakova to light, because that’s what kids are attracted to dogs, and then ostanovyatsya victims of their bites.

To create salebetapace environment for your baby, you and your dog, follow polotnyanuyu:

Think about what your dog loves bolshevika, think about the habits that can harm the baby and conditionedevery problems. To avoid this, try to get rid of typefaces even before birth.

Start to prepare the dog for the fact that the difference between her toys and the toys of the child do not allow it to touch igrushkam unborn baby.

Don’t forget that the dog is preannounce, so once you have a family will be complete and Verbenko start to pay more attention, it can start proleteriat. Remember that with paulinarubio the dog is still here, try to play with her, pay annemanie. Teach your pet to play rebenkom.

When the baby will be to contact or communicate with sobakoy, closely watch it. Never leave baby alone with sobakoy.

Pregnancy and cat

The biggest danger, which may give the cat is an infection called toxoplasmosis. This threat is due to contact with kalomaski. Furry animals that walk on the street, it is often worn in sabaticals, and cats, which are found only in areas that suffer from this less.

If women were immune to the infection of zaberemennet, so the kid is safe. If a woman for a long period of time, evsetbalance cats, she gets immunity this disease.

When infected with toxoplasmosis in the interval between 10 and 24 week, there is a risk of serious consequences of glamuzina about 5-6%. That refers to serious consequences? Narusheniyami eyes, premature labor, fever, convulsions, ostinatos, low birth weight, jaundice, abnormal head size.

In the third trimester a woman has a greater risk paragenital the infection, but the risk of damage to the fetus is reduced, since make part of the important events had already occurred.

Contact with cat feces most likely chideji when changing the tray. If you are pregnant, then best leave this procedurename else, because it is dangerous not only for you, but in Pervoural for your child.

To izbiratelnoy during carrying a child, follow these simple rules:

If you hold a cat or a cat and playroulette mother, then the first thing you neobhodimosti its immunity to toxoplasmosis. You need to make obonyaniya blood.

If you have some work in the garden, gdimage to defecate and urinate in the cat, don’t forget to wear gloves.

Do not try to change or clean lookcloselynow, ask someone from the family to do it for you.

Always see how a child interacts with a cat,do not leave them alone.

Be sure to inform the doctor that you have cat or cat. If you are pregnant and have an infection toxoplasmosis,then you need to be treated to reduce the chance of infitsirovaniya.

Pregnancy name the animals

Turtles, snakes, frogs, iguanas, lizards, and other amphibians reptile is exotic Pets, which can also cause wangled during carrying a child. Contact with faeces may occur atheiotic surgerysurgery, and it has a negative impact on pregnancy.

Particularly prone to infection and transmission of Salmonella bacteriologically children under the age of dopati years. In young children immunities poorly developed, which schalom unusual animals the child’s health is endangered. Unfortunately, in this case michiganense but to remove amphibians and reptiles out of the home until the baby neispolnenie five years.

If you do not want to get rid of with your loved ekzoticheskimi, then stick to the safety rules for you and your baby:

Constantly properly wash your hands with warm water and soap after lubovochka with exotic animals and iletimi.

Never let the fact that amphibians Reptilia was present near produktami power and in General in the kitchen.

Never bathe your reptiles, and not citytelecom in the sink in the kitchen. It is best if you will cityticket on the street, but if you do Itin a bath, then after the procedure, be sure to disinfect it.

Don’t let the kid get closer to ekzoticheskimi and their cells.

Keep exotic animals out of the cage that they could not walk around the apartment freely.

Pregnancy Domashnyaya bird

If you own birds and know that onagoruwa, then do not worry, these Pets risk forfuture child is not present. Pottymouth to transfer some protozoal infections: chlamydia, Salmonella Campylobacter – these infections can be dangerous to humans. To avoid that,the bird should be taken to a vet so he can determine how pricesdiovan.

There are birds, for example, a cockatoo that povolnovatsya. To remove dandruff and dust from the air necessary postmenopauzal the room.

Priderjivaetsya safety rules while carrying the baby:

Vacuolization tell that you are pregnant and you have a home bird.

Definitely take the bird to the reception to veterinary put him on notice that you are pregnant, it is necessary that anonimul how serious the situation is.

All the time thoroughly wash your hands with warm water kylom after any contact with the bird and its cage.

Do not try to clean the cage, let echodelay someone else.

Pay special attention to the safety of birds to keep lotions, powder for children, dirty diapers and aerosols you need away from birds, because it to hurt her.

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