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Pets help autistic children to develop self-confidence

what Pets can be not just the object of our care, but also the nurses, devoted friends and even family therapists?

For example, according to a recent study, Pets can positively affect the ability of autistic children to social contacts . Previously, researchers studied the effect of dogs on emotional and mental development of children. But recently, experts came to the conclusion that contact with any pet can have a beneficial effect on the child.

Conducting the study, the scientists noticed that if a family of a child with autism a dog, it is more disposed to communicate with people than those children that have no animal. As it turned out, not only the dog but also any other pet helps a child to interact with others

this conclusion was made by Dr. Gretchen Carlisle, research fellow Research centre for the study of interaction between man and animal (Research Center for human-animal interaction ReCHAI) College of Veterinary medicine University of Missouri.

It should be noted that the child with autism, it is extremely difficult to communicate with the outside world. But four-legged friend helps the child feel more confident. How?

When the other kids meet on the street “special”child, their attention is immediately drawn to the animal. Children with autism do not feel in the spotlight, and it is easier to open up to communication.

Very often the animal is able to understand us without words, to grasp the changes in our mood barely noticeable details. Who among us has not experienced the emotion from purring cat, prigrevica on the breast or buried in a hand of the muzzle of the dog, felt the sorrow of his master. It is very touching moments, which cannot leave you indifferent. It is noticed that people suffering from any emotional or mental disorders, are very sensitive. It is not surprising that they are capable of strong attachment to a pet. So, if you communicate with a child with autism, about his pet, he will be more responsive in communication.

Scientists noticed that the longer the animal lives in the family, the easier it is for the child to have contact with people. Also, it was noticed that children feel with animals of small size. These may be small dogs, cats or rabbits.

Dr. Carlisle watched 70 families with autistic children aged 8 to 18 years. About 70 percent of them had dogs, 50% cats. Some families have brought fish, rodents, rabbits, reptiles, birds and even one spider lived.

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