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Stones – Pets

Someone named Gary Dahl (Gary Dahl) in 1975, started selling substitutes allowed. Moreover, these substitutes were not even external imitation of animals. They were just ordinary stones.

Stones-Pets were sold for $3.95 a piece, and according to rough estimate, over 6 months Gave has sold more than 5 million stones. In this case the total cost of each stone was only 95 cents.

Innovative product Gave was a common boulders, which he purchased from the supplier of building materials, and then sold them as live Pets. According to him, the idea came to him in connection with the difficulty, mess and expenses associated with such Pets as cats and dogs.

He started with what was created by a company named “Rock Bottom Productions”. The stones were imported from Mexico. Packing stones included “the care Guide” and looked like a cardboard box for transporting Pets. The manual contained instructions for the care of the pet and advice on training — how to teach him different commands: “sit”, “lie”, “die”, “roll”, and “to me”.

Part of the marketing strategy Gave was the assertion that the stones can bring more pleasure than we can imagine. He convinced the buyers that these stones supports this statement by its very existence, and clearly demonstrate that the joy of the child within us brings not the object itself, and ideao it. Pet is in our mind a niche created by force of imagination.

Unlike most coming of Hobbies, stones-Pets continue to live, on the Internet and even experiencing a revival. There are memorial pages and doubles. It is still possible to purchase such a pet, though new manufacturers have given them a new appearance. Ordinary gray boulders is now almost not sold. They are painted, covered with painted and decorated in various ways, giving them more personality than could offer the creation Gave. You can buy a stone on which is written your life plan, or a stone that is individually painted in memory of your beloved pet, or simply the stone, devoid of any reminders of the past to the idea of him formed in your imagination itself.

Today Leslie O Doherty (Doherty Lesley O) has the largest collection of stones-Pets in the world. She began to gather them in 6 years when I got my first stone in a birthday gift from his mother. “I remember exactly when it happened. I just unwrapped all my gifts and thought it all, when mom suddenly handed me a small box, which was my first stone,” she said in an interview with “Rock Magazine Collection” in 2005, “I named him Pickles”.

Leslie keeps his collection in the safe, because he believes that business with stones Pets expects a new boom, and it has several “special instances,” which, she hopes, may be worth something.

Gary has also been known to write a book “Advertising for dummies” (Advertising for Dummies) from the famous series “for Dummies” books which are sold in paperback in every bookstore. This is the infrequent case when the author himself proved the Prime importance of marketing in modern business.

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