Discussion, how many usually live pond slider turtles at home. How to extend the life of your pet?
In nature only a few survive to extreme old age, due to objective reasons. But even in captivity, the turtles on the strength make it to the middle of that…

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Children and Pets
With the advent in the house baby all the attention with allowed switches to this warm, milk-smelling little bundle. The hostess who spent with your beloved cat a lot of…

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Pets protect children from asthma and allergies
Many parents are convinced that cats and dogs put their child at risk of catching allergies or asthma. However, a recent study of physicians from the hospital of Henry Ford…

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The railroad has specified the rules for transportation of Pets

Passengers travelling by rail with your Pets and birds must adapt to changes in the Rules of carriage of passengers, baggage, cargo and mail by railway transport of Ukraine, which entered into force in August (approved by the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine).

As the press-center of “Ukrzaliznytsia”, in this document, more specific rules of transportation of Pets and birds, depending on their size, and also separately for the first time defined the conditions of carriage in poultry.

In particular, in passenger trains transportation of large dogs (over 45 cm, not more than one), including dogs accompanying blind passengers in the compartment of a passenger or Express train is allowed only with the redemption of a dog owner all seats in the compartment and the presentation of a duly completed veterinary document.

Transportation of large dogs in the cars of other categories of trains (high speed, high speed, electric, diesel trains increased comfort, etc.) is allowed under the same conditions, if the car is separated seats.

In passenger trains small Pets and indoor ornamental birds are transported in all types of wagons with payment for transportation of Nezavisimost the presence of carry-on baggage and must be placed in boxes, baskets, cages (no more than one piece of hand Luggage), and also freely be placed on the places provided for hand Luggage. For small Pets, the passenger must have a properly designed veterinary document.

Poultry (chickens, turkeys, geese, ducks, Guinea fowl, quail, pigeons, etc.) to travel in a coupe can’t, she set aside space for hand baggage (not more than one seat) only carriages of the local train and electric, diesel trains increased comfort. Poultry may be transported in boxes, baskets or cages, which shall not exceed the size required for carry-on baggage.

In addition, commuter trains large dogs (no more than one) can be transported in a muzzle on a chain or belt anchors under the supervision of the attendant in the vestibule cars. Pets (no more than two species), poultry (no more than two pieces of hand Luggage) are allowed to be transported in boxes, baskets, cages, which not exceed the size required for carry-on baggage.

Large and small dogs (except one species), Pets, room decorative birds and poultry (except for one drawer, basket or cage) are shipped with separately purchased ticket, which is half the fare of an adult passenger.

Payment for transport of large dogs, small Pets and indoor ornamental birds in passenger cars and in baggage wagons direct trains, and also poultry in General the cars of the local train and electricity, diesel trains increased comfort made for an individual or place as for 20 kg of Luggage regardless of whether your hand Luggage.

If animals are our younger brothers, the hunt should be recognized as nothing more than an act of fratricide.
People have done everything to meet a living creature in the wild was a small miracle. In large cities there are zoos, where the conditions are very far from natural,…


Dove diamond
And from all this group the diamond dove occurs most frequently. Head, neck and underparts of its body is ashy-grey; back, wings and tail brownish; wings small white spots; a…