Children and Pets
With the advent in the house baby all the attention with allowed switches to this warm, milk-smelling little bundle. The hostess who spent with your beloved cat a lot of…

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If animals are our younger brothers, the hunt should be recognized as nothing more than an act of fratricide.
People have done everything to meet a living creature in the wild was a small miracle. In large cities there are zoos, where the conditions are very far from natural,…

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Pets protect children from asthma and allergies
Many parents are convinced that cats and dogs put their child at risk of catching allergies or asthma. However, a recent study of physicians from the hospital of Henry Ford…

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Kitchen animals of the world: restaurants for dogs

Your heart bleeds when you see a dog locked in the car while her owners are having dinner in a posh restaurant? You don’t go on dates because your cute four-legged pet is bored at home alone?

Yes, dogs are not allowed in restaurants – that is, they can be carriers of various infections dangerous to humans. Everyone, in the end, help never ask. But so heartlessly behave only in an ordinary human restaurants. But there are plenty of cafes and restaurants, where your furry pet will be welcomed with open arms. And offered to see the menu.

For example, Singapore is a small but developed country. Singapore cares about its citizens and about dogs their citizens too.

In 2002 there was opened a large restaurant for dogs. Singaporeans, despite the fact that almost Chinese, invited chef, a Frenchman, a dozen of the best waiters, bought designer furniture and signed contracts with the most expensive suppliers of the most exclusive dog food. No canned food, no dog pads, no by-products. Only the freshest lambs, superior beef, fish, and similar delicacies.

Although dogs are actually carnivores, but can eat a lot. However, some familiar to people products – such as chocolate to dogs is absolutely contraindicated. In atamestane working professionals and great lovers of dogs. No new dish is not included in the menu without consulting a veterinarian. Here, even the offer of treats that are best suited for the breed of your dog, from biscuits to meat pastas, from salads to milkshakes.

In 2006, in Shanghai, opened the restaurant “Paradise Pets”, where the avid dog lovers and their Pets can dine at the same table. The menu can be ordered as snacks and drinks for people, and typically dog food.

Initially it was assumed that the restaurant will eat only dogs and dog owners, however from the very first days started coming here the owners of cats, rats, and hamsters.

At the same time in a four star hotel “Trianon Palace”, located in Versailles, there was such restoranchik. Here to make your pet a true gourmet dogs will be able to choose for lunch chicken fillet or beef Burger. All meals are served with fresh vegetable salad, and the portions are prepared with the size of the dog. In case, if the animal is on a diet, he, unfortunately, have to settle for dry food.

But in a London restaurant “Bluebird,” also has a special menu for dogs. Now caring owners have every right to be at a dinner party in support of pet. Your four-legged can offer soup, a hamburger, a cocktail of “Dog hair” – the drink, unlike the name suggests, very tasty – Guinness with milk. And no diets!

Eating dogs in a special courtyard, where each has its place and personal utensils.

In Vancouver at the hotel “Le Sutton” operates a special Department, which has a restaurant and sleeping apartments for Pets accompanying their owners. The menu includes steak, fillet of tuna with caviar, game meat, mineral water. A variety of services including massage and even – scary thought! – reading stories at night.

But further all went the Americans, in Chicago and in the state of Florida out of local government decrees that allow to visit the restaurant in the open air together with your pet.

In America many cafés offer special glassware for dogs. The company produces Pet Celebrations Inc special soy latté for dogs, packaged in the form of a donut – you just add water and stir. Dog a drink of Java is very nutritious, looks like coffee and is served in large cups for cappuccino. In addition, the market is full of drinks and other beverages for dogs – dog beer and wine, which is served in pubs and bars. El “Happy Tail” – non-alcoholic drink, prepared in the present Breweries from artesian water with addition of barley. It is brewed in copper kettles, with the aroma of beef and rich in glucose and vitamin E.

Foodies were in Italy. Italian chef Bruno Barbieri has written a cookbook for dogs, which contains recipes 51 bludau and even festive.

So is the world where everything is rapidly changing: people are becoming more mobile, and with them and their favorite animals that they don’t want to leave and most importantly – no one is stopping them from being together.

Teeth — our all!

Diseases of the oral cavity are very common. More and more families are raising dogs of small breeds. But, unfortunately, such breeds as Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua, Pomeranian have a genetic predisposition to oral diseases.

Our little darlings we often keep on hand and can feel an unpleasant smell from a mouth. And this is the first bell beginning of diseases in the oral cavity, which can in turn lead to adverse effects on the health of the whole organism.

Scientists have proved that the care of the oral cavity is an important component of a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. Cats and dogs also need proper oral care. Diseases of the teeth and gums are a source of a huge number of pathogenic bacteria. Germs from the mouth get into the blood and secrete large amounts of toxins, poisoning the body. This is a direct threat to the internal organs. So oral hygiene is an important component of the daily care of the animals. The first symptoms of the mouth is an unpleasant smell from a mouth, loss of activity of the animal, refusing to play with their favorite toys, and familiar food. And if you do not pay attention to it we risk giving the infection to go further and to cause diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, which in turn will lead to metabolic disorders and decreased immunity.

Pets protect children from asthma and allergies
Many parents are convinced that cats and dogs put their child at risk of catching allergies or asthma. However, a recent study of physicians from the hospital of Henry Ford…


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