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Dog training — service, small dogs

The dog became a faithful friend and helper

You brought home a puppy and now, looking at him anxiously sigh, and hide the tears of emotion? Of course, he’s the sweetest, smartest and loyal, but only depends on you whether to develop all these qualities in your pet. Be prepared for the fact that in this exciting way of maturing you both have to not only relive many happy moments, but also to overcome not one obstacle.

And best of all, if this will be the obstacles of the special band, the passage of which is taught in school dogs.

Of course, your four-legged friend needs your love and care, but it also requires life experience, which helps to develop the training of dogs . Raising a puppy is no easy task. It can be compared with upbringing of a child. But, if the child can be many things to explain in intelligible language, in order to reach an understanding with the dog, requires a lot of patience and pedagogical talent and regular training.

Is it necessary to train all the dogs?

Even if you and your pet are not going to win medals at dog shows, to renounce the obedience not worth it. Dog training is an important stage of education. Many people think that dog schools are only there to train dogs to perform various circus tricks, or train them of leucosphenite.

Training gives the dog the basic knowledge and skills needed in everyday life.

Just like all people from childhood to master the science of reading and writing, dogs need from an early age to be trained to live among people. They, like people, need to know what is good and what is bad. These basic life concepts helps them to learn dog training. In Moscow at our school experienced handlers help novice dog owners better understand their Pets. Regardless of what breed your four-legged friend, whether it’s the kindest Cocker Spaniel or a solid dog he needs training.

If you want to be near you, lived a faithful, loyal, and confident dog — take the time to educate!

The training of dogs in Moscow: choose the school

Recently “the training of dogs in Moscow” has become a necessity. The dog should be able to behave on public streets, implicitly to listen the owner and not to cause trouble. There are many methods of child rearing four-legged friends and techniques of training. Here you can find a lot of interesting information — from descriptions of General course of training before meeting with a serious system Shutzhund.

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