Finland transgenders

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This is the reality for me. Population bust, health care payoffs and a new millionaire They also want to remove the forced sterilisation of trans people which is currently required for anyone applying for their gender recognition documents. To force someone to make this decision is to categorise them as subhuman. Finland is often referred to as one of the most LGBT-friendly countries in the world and public acceptance of LGBT people and same-sex relationships is high. Several ministers have spoken in favour of reforming the legislation, but the government has not done anything to advance the change and it has less than a year left in office. Those problems are worse if the person has to travel, and presents as one gender, while their Finnish passport says the opposite.

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Trans rights in Finland

The number currently stands at 8 out of When Amnesty International and The Huffington Post published stories in February about Sakris Kupilaand his fight to have his gender identity recorded as male on official documents, it got a lot of attention in the UK, but went almost unnoticed in the Finnish media. One of those letters should be from an endocrinologist, who might or might not test to see whether the hormone replacement drugs have made the person infertile anyway. Trans people are the only group sterilisation is forced upon in Finland. In practice, Finnish medical units deem their transgender patients infertile when testosterone therapy has continued for a prolonged period. The man, who is in his 30s, legally changed his gender from a woman in after years of testosterone therapy.

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In addition, the name legislation in Finland generally requires a diagnosis as well in order to allow individuals to access the name change to a name that is traditionally recognised as referring to a person of another gender: Sweden has even started to pay compensation to trans people who were forced to get sterilised. The National Coalition put same-sex marriage on its agenda in its party congress in June[11] though the vice-chairman of its parliament group Ben Zyskowicz did not believe it would be approved at least by the NCP during the upcoming four years, basing his view on the fact that majority of the then NCP MPs were against it. The month before the UN recommendation to Finland, the European Court of Human Rights ruled on behalf of three French people that forced sterilisation violated their human rights to privacy and a family life. Archived from the original on September 27, In Finland, people wishing to change their legal gender must be sterilized or "for some other reason infertile".

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