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If you didn't wear s you were considered weird. The pallid, neo-industrial two-story buildings are built around a winding cement road, reminding employees that this is a workplace, after all. Dance music plays constantly in each of the airy, tin-roofed buildings, and when I entered the spacious front lobby, where a wooden canoe hangs from the ceiling, two attractive young men in Abercrombie polo shirts and torn Abercrombie jeans sat at the welcome desk, one checking his Friendster. Three-year-old Aiden Pedersen is ambitious with his bowl selection. Jeffries never lost sight of who his customer is, and he created a quality brand that caters to the cool clique and has a sense of exclusivity, yet it still has a mass appeal, because people want to be a part of it. Angelique Herfel, of Kilaben Bay, in front of her work 'Kodachrome'.

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Jeffries looked at the mannequin again.

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The man behind Abercrombie & Fitch

Inside, the airy and modern workspaces are designed to encourage communication and teamwork, and everywhere you look, smiley employees are brainstorming or eagerly recounting their weekends. But Woodruff and others say he has a superlative fashion mind. I don't think he ever changed his clothes. Jeffries says he had a "very classic American youth," although he was not good at sports. Dr Susannah Ward and dance partner Michael. His biggest obsession, though, is realizing his singular vision of idealized all-American youth.

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The complex does feel like a kind of college campus, albeit one with a soundtrack you can't turn off. Alicia Hill, 11, sends down a bowl at Rutherford Super Strike. He'll say, "What a cool idea, dude," or, when the jeans on a store's mannequin are too thin in the calves, "Let's make this dude look more like a dude," or, when I ask him why he dyes his hair blond, "Dude, I'm not an old fart who wears his jeans up at his shoulders. We're a very popular company. I didn't have the heart to tell Jeffries that I was actually wearing American Eagle jeans. I got a firsthand look at his perfectionism in action when he invited me along for the final walk-through for the Christmas setup of his stores.

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