Being gay and catholic

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All All Catholicism and Homosexuality. Archived from the original on 19 January Opposition to homosexuality, as in Augustine and Chrysostom, rested on reasons discredited today: The existence of gay bishops is a matter of historical record. Lay organizations, such as Catholics for Marriage Equality, played a key role in the United States during the elections, and have maintained an active presence since then. And it can imply no ethical condemnation because in In response to Church policy in the area of safe-sex education, AIDS, and gay rights, some gay rights activists have protested both inside and outside of Catholic churches in the United States, sometimes disrupting masses.

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There have been a number of notable gay Catholics throughout history.

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Stances of Faiths on LGBTQ Issues: Roman Catholic Church

Sin is self-distancing from God; it is in the heart. In the mids, the Vatican recognized the difference between being homosexual and engaging in homogenital same-sex acts. That is, the Church presents this teaching as natural law, the ordering which the Creator built into the universe. Encyclopedia of the Ancient Greek World. And many found the letter harsh and uninformed.

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While varying from diocese to diocese, the Church also provides pastoral care for LGBT Catholics through a variety of official and unofficial channels. Paul sees gay sex as an impurity 1: Sin is more a general attitude than any particular action. What is the official Catholic teaching about homosexuality? Retrieved January 29, Retrieved 20 July

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