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After losing in a runoffCrist joined his brother-in-law in private practice in St. Those are not Democrat positions, and Crist the Democrat was asked how he can explain switching his views on such bedrock issues. Except for rare moments, the rumors that so frequently get mentioned in political company stay out of the public record. On September 5, Crist picked up moderate Republicans all over the state, burying Gallagher and his innuendoes under a landslide victory. Crist received invaluable experience in Florida's criminal justice system while working as an intern in the State Attorney's Office before accepting a position as general counsel for the minor league division of the Baseball Commissioner's Office.

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He supported increased regulation of the insurance industry, including property insurance rates in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and health insurance.

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Hoo Boy That's Gay, Charlie Crist

No one's ever brought it up, and as long as no one's brought it up, I'm going to go on,'" Linn says Crist replied. Linn is running for Florida governor on the Reform Party ticket. Crist sealed his fate with Republicans when he traveled to Fort Myers in February to thank the president for the millions pouring into Florida to aid in the economic recovery. Crist joined the Democratic Party in December Charlie Crist announces he's running for Congress". But I just happen not to be.

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And so it goes. Republicans don't hate gays, he says. Linn says that during a private conversation, he asked Crist how he was going to handle "the gay issue. Inwhile running for the U. Below, a look back at gay sex scandals. He was elected senior class president.

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