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As much as these gender-swapped films free women from old Hollywood expectations, they box them into a new one: Sort Of. But when Freundlich's wife, Julianne Moore, expressed an interest in playing the part of the rich man originally played by Rolf Lassgard, this family triangle story gained a whole new perspective. The Trouble With Gender Flips. The movie was ridiculous, but Lohan proved to be a regular Danica Patrick. Well, two: Because real women are physically and socially vulnerable to men, granting sexual power to them on film feels harmless and a little cute.

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O'Donnell October 16, at 3:

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And when their feuding crews of women do team up, it feels earned instead of assumed. Expository Writing. Matthew Farwell October 16, at The Trouble With Gender Flips.

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Lions Gate Films.

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