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Drawings showed two men in an embrace as well as an indication they were joined as one. Most of the ones I missed were about non-SVU shows. How did I not know about Serena Southerlyn though. The hustler who allegedly committed this gruesome act was Andrew Cunanan, who later took his own life, presumably to avoid capture. Because he was bullying her because she had two moms The reason is never revealed Because he was gay Because he said scissoring isn't real Because he called her a fag-dyke-whore-bitch from Hell Because he was bullying her after seeing her kiss a girl. A lot of myths and false information about them still prevails.

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Private investigator Kalinda Sharma Murder victim P.

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“Law & Order: LGBT” Trivia Quiz

What playwright was a member of secret British society known as the "Order of Chaeronea" that worked for the legalization of homosexuality? Janette, an overworked social worker who filed false reports Cassandra, the girlfriend of a teenage boy killed in a wrestling match Carly, a student who accuses a misogynist comedian of rape Michelle, who wanted to recant testimony she'd given against her father as a child. Sodomy and sumptuary laws. A lot of myths and false information about them still prevails. We have to call a spade a spade and a perverted human being a perverted human being. Join or Renew Today! Contribute to the conversation

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And the SVU episode she did was another favorite in that world. In the Supreme Court of the United States struck down sodomy laws in fourteen states, making what legal in all 50 states? The 22 year old, 5'2", lb. Who assumed Olivia was a lesbian and therefore tried to kiss her in episode I have seen maybe two episodes and largely spent that time getting excited about that noise that plays on a scene change.

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