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Most of the dialogue and jokes are added during this stage. Retrieved April 4, Fry cook at the Krusty Krab. Bull Moose Publishing Corporation. Quickly after the release of the line, most of the toys sold out on Amazon. Series background designer Kenny Pittenger said, "The only real difference between the way we draw now and the way we drew then is that we abandoned pencil and paper during the fifth season".

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A Google search for "SpongeBob is gay" brings a number of articles from conservative and LGBT blogs, most of them showing a list of specific moments in which something "gay" occurred in the series.

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Hillenburg also felt that it was important for the series to develop its own music library, consisting of scores that could be reused and re-edited throughout the years. September 9, Los Angeles, CA. Edgar Allan Poe's 10 Best Stories.

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Throughout the episode, the baby clam is used as a vessel to deconstruct traditional family structures.

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