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One wrongly translated word, I imagined, and huge, powerful hands would hastily slam down on big red buttons this was during the Cold War, after all. He just drank whiskey from a generic cola can and seethed silently in front of the TV for the rest of the night. I probably would've continued to tell the romanticized tale of my uncle and his narrow escape from death. That I am an unimportant speck. He kept asking me if it meant he was 'gay'

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From them, the kids have learned to play hockey, keep rhythm on a bongo, and many of the songs from Chicago.

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Funny how we usually don't think of kids having such selfish thoughts. He said he AC problem in his room. For most of my growing up, he was away in school in Michigan. He would sit on our couch, which my mother would cover with a clean bed sheet before he arrived in order to save the furniture from his ripe and, at times, fungal smell. When the car pulled into the driveway and stopped I realized that if I had fallen completely asleep my uncle would have to carry me to bed. He kept asking me if it meant he was 'gay' He'd become an old relative, the sort that stare back at you from photographs, daring you to figure out who they were.

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Jim is huge, amiable, and outspoken. I was pretending to be asleep but thinking "do it, do it, do it If a white man offered him a hand for a shake, my uncle would leave it hanging, and yet he knew of no greater happiness than rocking out to the heaviest metal. How we affect little kids can be so different than how we mean to affect them. Though we usually only met at Thanksgiving dinners, those memorable 30 seconds didn't happen at a family gathering.

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