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I tried to sleep but what with having to pick up the Atlantic crews at Thursday, it was now and sleep was difficult in coming. One was to confirm space obtained on Ethiopian Airlines for Vasilarios 5 whose mother had fallen and broken her hip. I called the French Consulate, told them I had a problem, that it was their duty to handle it, and that I was coming right over. Many more bombs were dropped and there was much shooting of anti-aircraft guns. It was still Thursday evening and we returned to the hotel to go out to dinner. I volunteered to deliver all he had left to the people of Heliopolis that were unaware of this, and to those who could not be contacted and be informed that Gwin would have their passports. Add profiles to this project.

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His mother bornwas briefly a model for Vogue and his father, who died from pneumonia shortly before his birth, was a bricklayer.

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I reported to work at the Flight Engineer office at local time Monday, a little earlier than usual, as I had to break the seals of the outer door in order to make an entrance. I left for the airport a little earlier than necessary, just in case. Kimball to inform all of our people that a convoy was to form, and to have their families in it on Wednesday to proceed to Alexandria to board a Navy transport that was waiting there.

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Fire In Octoberthe estate agency Knight Frank and Rutley were instructed to market the property for sale.