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Since Looking was announced it has been referred to by both the community and early critics as the "gay version" of Girls and Sex and the City. Bonnie Somerville Lourdes Benedicto. Patrick's sexual orientation was ambiguous until he told a woman who tried to seduce him that he is gay in episode 5. Doctor Who This season, for the first time, the time-traveling, regenerating Doctor will take the form of a woman: River Song is 'happily bi ' ". The empowering gay character, Jamal Lyon, is no longer the black sheep, but the CEO of his family's music empire. She has an affair with Sam Auerbach in season 4.

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Sharon inadvertently came out in the first episode.

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33 Must-See TV Shows for LGBTQ Viewers in Fall 2018

Jinks is an ATF agent and a "human lie detector". Joey is a gay Inhuman who can melt metals. In season 7 Alison kisses Emily and she confesses her feelings for her and they start dating, finally accepting her bisexuality. Cricket Marlowe season 6. Jase is a closeted man who finds a male lover, Mani.

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Erica goes on a blind date with Kate in one episode. Darryl's bisexuality 'isn't the butt of the joke ' ". Thelma Bates has an unrequited love on her best friend Cassie Hughes, her love is so strong that she came back from the dead as a ghost to protect Cassie. Arnold is Josh's longest lasting love interest. Norma was a minor character; a TV producer introduced in Season 4 who was an out-and-proud lesbian, though her partner, Chris, never appeared onscreen. Sofie is a succubus lesbian that feeds on the life force of humans. Emily is a lesbian, but she had sex with JJ second generation, season 3, 4 and 7.