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You see my friend is in denial and he thinks Sora and Rikue are nothing more than just "good" friends and thinks I'm insane for bring up the word butt buddies to him. The happiness at seeing Riku was that all three of them were together again. What you saw is just Sora being a socially oblivious, overly emotional dork. So they may be catcing wind of this stuff too. Keep me logged in on this device. Have you never hugged your best bro when you thought he was dead for a year and some days?

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Kingdom Hearts

Last edited by bsmooth; May 15, at It feels like Sora sees Riku as something more special to him than Kairi. Log In Sign Up. Jageshemash Jageshemash 2 years ago 1 Not that I'd have any problem if they were. It's not in "today's society"

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There's no way the strongly homosexual overtones are accidental. SalsaSavant SalsaSavant 6 years ago 6 KH2 was badly written Kairi hugging him was suppose to be awkward because it came out of nowhere. Seriously, it reminds me how flirty girls are with me when I show up to meet my friends and they are there with them and like "Oh you made it! Sign up for free! Complete Dream Eater Abllity List. Sasuke "Snakes" Uchiha, MD! Forgot your username or password?

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