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What is Perl 6? Suppose you want help on printf. Power tools More on characters, strings, and character classes Compiling and saving regular expressions Composing regular expressions at runtime Embedding comments and modifiers in a regular expression Looking ahead and looking behind Using independent subexpressions to prevent backtracking Conditional expressions Defining named patterns Recursive patterns A bit of magic: How do I print to more than one file at once? Just a guy says: How can I tell if a variable is tainted? What if I don't encode?

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Try the first alternative in the first group 'abd', 2.

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sol(6) - Linux man page

Match Unicode grapheme cluster in regex X How can I sleep or alarm for under a second? Threads in perl on Solaris. How do I keep persistent data across program calls? How do I read email?

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For lessI use the following color settings in. Version - Event for TAP version. Lib - virtual parent class for Math:: Don't ignore the info pages. Unicode column-width for printing X State - State storage for the "prove" command. JP - Japanese Encodings, Encode::

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