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Discussion welcome, bashing prohibited. June 17, - Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience. Membership is open to Mensa members of any origin willing to exchange ideas on any topic related to health care, in a friendly way. This app does not directly access any paid content or services, but users are required to have a membership and valid login. Mensa Polska. Intelligent Liberty Mensans tend to be a refreshingly and disproportionately independent, free-thinking, lower-case libertarian-leaning bunch.

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Interested in sharing your ideas?

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Chess skills not required! Intelligence This SIG is for people who likes to talk, read and write about intelligence; Especially neglected intelligences who grew up without the recognition of being gifted, but any angle of the subject intelligence can be discussed. This application provides access to the membership directory, chat feature, member calendar events, polls and surveys, membership card, and website content. It would be open to all Mensa members as well as outdoor professionals.

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In recent years the total number of active SIGs has varied between and

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